Author: Scott Curran

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Divine Comfort is a collection of three books: From God to You / How to Be Joyful / How to Be Peaceful.Each of the three books is written from the point of view of God speaking directly to you. References to relevant scripture passages are included at the end of each chapter. This bundle of spiritual wisdom reminds us that God loves each of us unconditionally and that, whatever our circumstances may be, we can live in joy and peace. From the book:Whatever is and whatever occurs is what's best for you.Would you like to be peaceful? Would you like to be free? Then get rid of your notions of how things should be. Abandon your will and your life to me.I love you with a constant and everlasting love.My love doesn't fluctuate based on your achievements or your shortcomings. It's unconditional.You accomplish things and overcome things not by your own strength or willpower, but by my spirit.Turn everything over to me.