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Voted one of the best instructional books of 2014 by Shelf Unbound. Bullying stops when you change your emotional response to it. if you get called a name, receive a text message or email and it doesn't bother you at all - then the bully will have no hold over you, and this is exactly what this book teaches, how to change your emotional response to bullying. Covering the four main types of bullying, cyber, intimidating, verbal and physical, this book quickly and easily helps children release the emotional effects of bullying to gain confidence and self-esteem. EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) tapping, is explained in easy to follow along exercises of exactly how and where to tap, what to say and when, and used as instructed it could stop the bullying from happening altogether. This technique is successfully being used in schools around the world for bullying and much more. Different to all other EFT books, a character in a story takes a child on a journey of what they may be going through themselves and clearly describes how to change their feelings to create a special kind of magic using EFT, tapping, which gives the character confidence to be herself.With easy to follow guides for each of the four major bullying aspects, clear instructions of where and how to tap, a feelings thermometer to allow the child to recognize their emotions in many ways, a list of suggested words and phrases for each bullying aspect, imagination tapping, comprehensive notes for parents, teachers or care-givers, and a lot, lot more, this book fills the bullying gap by changing how the child feels, and makes for a powerful, positive and simply magical experience.Highly recommended for any child experiencing any bullying issue.Voted one of the most notable instructional books of 2014 by Shelf Unbound.

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