Author: Sarah Zolton Arthur

Category: Romantic Suspense

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Deal starts: December 09, 2021

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When you've made a deal with the devil, the time comes to give the devil his due...

Jesus, I need my head examined. Half of my MC brothers tell me to go for it. Half of them warn me off her. She fights me at every turn, yet she’s all I can think about. Her disdain for most men is palpable, but I can't stop myself from making her aware of my presence at every turn—to touch her, to breathe her in. Her smart mouth is bound to get her in trouble and I can’t help but smile at the kind of trouble she’ll find with me. We’re the ultimate enemies to lovers. She wants to be my enemy. I want to be her lover. But when an outside threat, the real enemy she’d been running from, catches up with her, threatening her life, which means threatening my plans for trouble, I’ll give everything I have to neutralize that threat and see her safe.

I’m not like the other women who were sheltered at the safehouse in Texas. My problems with men were a different set of problems, and now they’ve caught up to me. Suddenly I’m living with a biker club outside the small town of Bentley, Kentucky. If that’s not bad enough, I have Sarge to contend with. He’s the club’s pushy and possessive vice president who loves to bark orders to hear himself speak. Opposites attract? I’m like the moth to his flame. He’s tall, tatted, and a god among men who moves me to hurt him before he hurts me. A man like him, that’s exactly what will happen once he finds out my truths. This man has the power to ruin me more than any other, and I’m scared that I’m ready to let it happen.

Gun the engine and prepare for one wild ride! USA Today Bestseller, Sarah Zolton Arthur, delivers steamy romance mixed with adventure and suspense in this enemies-to-lovers, opposites attract book two of her motorcycle club series. The Bedlam Horde MC.