Author: Fiona Leitch

Category: Romantic Suspense

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AUDIBLE CRIME GRANT FINALIST 2018 Award-winning crime novelist Bella Tyson has it all: a successful career, devoted fans - and a bad case of writer's block. So when a fan sends her a book of Venetian ghost stories and offers her the use of an apartment near Piazza San Marco, Bella jumps at the chance to get her Eat Pray Love on, consume her bodyweight in gelato and explore the atmospheric canals of Venice. She meets Will, a mild-mannered, middle class Interpol agent working in the city, and is swept away by him. And when a series of gruesome murders occur he's on the case - with Bella in tow. Her writer's block is well and truly cured, her new novel is under way, and she's madly in love. But Bella realises that not everything in Venice is as it seems... PRAISE FOR 'DEAD IN VENICE': "Absolutely stonking book. Rom-com meets crime in such a fresh and refreshing way. Dirty laughed through half of the book and cried at the end. Amazing book." "Bella is the kind of heroine most women would love to be and Will the kind of man we’d love to meet. Funny, loud-mouthed, mature protagonists with flaws, curves and the kind of wit that makes Fiona Leitch’s writing reminiscent of Richard Curtis’ films." "Oh what fun! Hilarious and witty protagonist in one of the best cities in the world. Suspenseful and kept me hooked." "Ms Leitch's light tone contrasts with the very serious subject matter, which makes it all the more emotional and powerful. It is in turn horrifying, funny, tender, hopeful, or sad. This is a courageous book, devoid of sentimentality but full of sentiment." "A combination of gritty crime thriller, hilarious rom-com, with a splash of the heart-wrenching emotions. And it works." "An entertaining mash-up of rom-com and crime." "DEAD IN VENICE made me fall in love with fiction again." CONTENT WARNING: Adult language and swearing, mild sexual scenes, murder. TRIGGER WARNING: Historic child abuse (no graphic scenes).