Day Trading for a Living Series by Leigh Vernon

Author: Leigh Vernon

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Build a day-trading strategy that stands the test of time. So, you want to make money from stocks . . .

It isn’t as hard as many believe . . . but choose your instructor wisely— namely, choose instructor Leigh Vernon! The [COMPLETE] Day Trading for a Living Series will equip you with all you need for swift success: expert trading systems, the psychology inherent to killer trading, and keys to mastering Forex.
Inside you will discover:
VOL. I How to recognize trading patterns . . .  5 Proven expert systems allowing you to thrive with ease . . . Indicators enabling you to pinpoint subtle trend reversals . . . When to enter and exit the market, maximizing your gains . . .VOL II The truth behind ALL trader psychology . . . How to use trends to your own advantage . . . How to avoid the most common pitfalls . . . Tips to sidestep cognitive biases . . . Methods to master learning curves with minimal effort . . .VOL. IIIWhat the Forex market is and how to pick your entry point . . . The characteristics of top investors and how to emulate greatness . . . The principal currencies and forces that drive them . . .The key to understanding price movements . . .  How to wield a portfolio wisely, lessening risk . . .AND MORE! Build your knowledge, and grow your wealth. Prepare today, and prosper tomorrow. Taking stock in a market master will save you trial and error!