Author: Alex Chappell

Category: Christian Romance

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Cornelia knows little about being a normal Roman girl. It's hard to be normal when your family worships a foreign God and your centurion father claims he's seen an angel. But at least one good thing has come of her father's 'vision.' Cornelius's handsome junior officer has developed an interest in Jesus Christ's teachings, and he's spending more and more time around the villa. Unfortunately, Cornelia has an unexpected -- and powerful -- rival in the procurator's palace.Far from Judea, Flavia, a wealthy senator's daughter, has problems of her own. Her plot to marry a servant's dashing son has been discovered, and a hastily arranged marriage to a 'suitable' spouse leaves her exiled in distant Antioch. Flavia has every reason to feel bitter, spiteful, and angry. Or so she tells herself until she overhears a disciple of Christ preaching an unsettling message about forgiveness and love. Caught up in pivotal events surrounding the establishment and growth of the early Christian Church, two daughters of Rome must grapple with potentially life-altering questions of courage, love, and faith.