Author: Vasiliki

Category: Literary Fiction

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Daughter of Odysseus: Ithaka Calling is the first in the Daughter of Odysseus trilogy.
Teenage Christine stands at the threshold of adulthood. A first-generation Australian of Greek descent, Christine has always been indifferent to her heritage: Greek school is a bore; her father’s patriotism is uninspiring; and the people around her deride Greeks as subhuman.
Then Christine is betrayed by those closest to her, and she plunges into deep depression. From the abyss of despair and nihilism, something stirs within her: a deep desire to reclaim her heritage and find meaning and fulfilment through the tradition and spirituality of her ancestors.
Paralleling the great Odysseus’ journey home, Daughter of Odysseus is not merely a story of homecoming; it is a story of hope over despair, of adventure and love, of needing to belong and a yearning to escape from mundanity; of deep spiritual yearning in a post-Christian world.
Christine learns and grows with every step in her journey. And she can’t help but wonder: Is it the destination or journey that truly matters in life?

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