Dating Monsters: Omnibus Volume 1 by Kinsley Adams

Author: Kinsley Adams

Category: Paranormal Romance

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The Legend. The Immortal. My Soulmate.
Dive into the first three books of the Dating Monsters series featuring Dracula & Anna! These paranormal romantic comedies will have you clutching your sides!
Dating Dracula
Thanks to an unfortunate back-alley encounter, I'm the newest member of the undead country club (fangs, coffin, and all). And my savior? Sire? Whatever...
Freaking. Dracula. Himself.
Even better? He claims I'm his mate! Like... eternal love. But come on! I don't have time for that. Not only do I need to track down my attempted murderer, but I also need to learn how to be a vampire. Falling in love is the last thing on my mind right now.
Well, maybe not quite last. He is crazy hot after all.
Loving Dracula
Welp, I, Anna Perish, am now a vampire. And it’s been one hell of a ride so far. Not only am I shacking up with the Dracula, but I’ve also been summoned by the Queen of Vampires. And why, you might ask? Oh, it’s nothing big. She just wants to kill me for killing her sire. Unfortunately, self-defense means squat among the undead.
Then there's introducing Vlad to my family—which might just be more terrifying than facing the queen. Oh, and we mustn't forget the inquisitor who comes calling.
Man, my life has become really dangerous since dying.
Marrying Dracula
I wanted a vacation. VA-CA-TION. Yet, in a stunning example of “be careful what you wish for,” I’m in freaking prison.
In England, no less.
So much for my darling Vlad as a nekkid Cabana boy.
How did I go from human vlogger to vampire inmate in a matter of months?
I need to get myself out of this mess. I do have a wedding to plan, after all, and nothing will keep me from marrying Vlad—not even the queen.
Even if that means I have to kill her myself.