Author: Michael Bren Collings

Category: Horror

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"Make sure you have time to read a lot at one sitting since you may have a hard time putting it down." - The Horror Fiction Review"An ending that I didn't see coming from a mile away, and easily one of the best I've had the enjoyment of reading in a long time...." - Horror Drive-In"An unforgettable read, and one that you will compare all future novels to." - Horror Novel Reviews***There is no light at the end of some tunnels....The New York subway system has:656 miles of track... 468 stations... 31 thousand turnstiles...and1.64 BILLION fares yearly.<:/i>For six of those fares, the trip is going to be one they will never forget.Six strangers will board a subway. But this subway is unlike the others.This subway doesn't take you where you want or where you need. It takes you where you fear.This DARKBOUND.