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Do you want to know the techniques of Dark Psychology? Do you want to learn how to influence others and bend them to your will? Do you think someone is using manipulation methods to manage your actions?Does the idea of mind control fascinate you?  If this is the case, this is the book for you. This Book includes: 7 Manuscripts  1?? DARK PSYCHOLOGY AND MANIPULATION (v.1) 2?? DARK PSYCHOLOGY AND MANIPULATION (v.2) 3?? HOW TO INFLUENCE PEOPLE 4?? EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE 2.0 5?? GASLIGHTING 6?? MASTER YOUR EMOTIONS 7?? HOW TO DEAL WITH DIFFICULT PEOPLEHere’s some of the information included in the book:? The Basics of Dark Psychology? Dark Methods of Manipulation? How to understand body language? Mind control techniques? How to defend yourself against a manipulator? How to Analyze People? The art of becoming a Masterful Persuader? Why gaslighters seem so "normal" at first? How to protect yourself from a gaslighter? How to use reverse psychology to get what you want? Where emotional intelligence (EQ) fits in? Importance of Emotional Intelligence? The Benefits of Emotional Intelligence? Methods for mastering your emotions? Narcissistic abuse recovery? The 9 basic steps to deal effectively with a difficult person…And much more! Imagine that you could win almost any argument, turn people to your way of thinking or control situations to your own advantage, all while making sure that others do not hold the same power over you.Do you want to know more???Then Scroll up, click on "Buy now with 1-Click", and Get Your Copy Now! ??