Author: Robin Goldblum

Category: Paranormal Romance

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When a viciously mangled corpse is discovered, Jane struggles to keep her students calm and safe. The Apaches blame wendigos, but Calvin has trouble believing his trading partners. A demon who possesses the dead and craves human flesh sounds like a campfire tale.

Then Jane’s daughter is attacked, and her husband is too drunk to care. Calvin offers his rifle and his shoulder to the sweet schoolteacher. Jane and Calvin try to combine their knowledge despite their dangerous attraction, but Jane’s husband objects, violently.

The hanging of an outlaw exposes a gruesome truth—anyone could become a wendigo. A rider goes out for help, but his horse comes back without him. The town of Morely will stand or fall on its own. Shots are fired, secrets are exposed and love is tested. Can the townsfolk band together or will Morley become another ghost town?

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