Author: Wallace Wright

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The anatomy of the human body is still somewhat of a mystery to us. You might be shocked reading this because even if you do not have medical studies, you still feel that you know quite a lot about the human body, especially with the treasure trove of information you can find online these days.

Yet, there are parts, functions, and processes in the human body that are still very poorly understood (and downright misunderstood in many cases). This is not to make you lose faith in the medical system and all those who represent it; rather, this is to help you understand that some things are still ambiguous even to the best and most experienced medical doctors in the world. Advancements are made every day. New research reveals important, new facts consistently. And pharmaceutical scientists are coming up with new treatments every day.

Even with all these important steps forward, there are still many things to uncover and gain a deeper understanding of.