Author: Ada Adisa

Category: Health & Self

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Hello beautiful woman!

I know how it feels to get stuck in the same toxic patterns over and over without knowing how to get out.

I know how it feels to have voices in your head saying you’re not enough – not good enough, not successful enough, not rich enough, not talented enough, not fit enough…. the list is endless.

When we get stuck in these cycles, we try to mask it temporarily by trying to control things outside of us – getting a hot boyfriend, using sex, having the best outfits, nails done, hair perfect, making more money – but at some point we realize none of that ever lasts.

This book will help you break that cycle.

In this book you will find life-changing affirmations to build lasting self-love that doesn’t change when your body does.

You deserve to see how special, powerful and beautiful you really are, even if the voices in your head constantly tell you that you’re not enough. I’m here to change that. I will help you to conquer the voices in your head, break toxic cycles and build lasting confidence.

In this book you will find affirmations to:

- Love yourself- Stop toxic patterns- Reframe insecurities- Quit comparison- Practice gratitude- Find forgiveness- Set boundaries- Define your healthy

Black women deserve to thrive as much as anybody else.

This book addresses what’s inside of you – to make sure you know and believe that you are worthy of the life you’ve always dreamed of.

You are enough. You are worthy. I love you. And I am here to help.

~ Ada Adisa