Author: Raffael Coronelli

Category: Dystopian & Apocalyptic

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In its final hour, a shattered world has called on a new kind of monster.On a mysterious mission to the temple of an ancient god, Yuki uncovers a high-stakes play for power that leads to her becoming the host of a gargantuan beast that once saved humanity from annihilation. With the help of her daikaiju companion, she must gather the rest of its pantheon from across the planet and travel to the other side of the world to stop a misguided ruler from unleashing a terrible weapon, while facing the quandaries of using the devastating force at her own fingertips.DAIKAIJU YUKI is the first kaiju adventure novel in Raffael Coronelli's cult favorite series, delivering obliterating action and endearing characters in a mythic, fantastical world of the distant future.