Author: Linda K. Hubalek

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Will the couple grow to love each other after they are thrown together by circumstances neither of them planned for?Although postmaster Cullen Reagan is a strict “go by the rules” man, he secretly wrote letters to a mail-order bride for an area rancher, because the man couldn’t read or write.Rose Leander, one of the Flying Leanders, a famous circus tightrope act, is injured in a circus train accident. Wanting to start over in a quiet frontier town, Rose answers a mail-order bride advertisement.Cullen is caught between a rock and hard spot when the rancher abandons his handicapped mail-order bride, and Cullen’s father, a pastor, insists Cullen help the woman he deceived—because Cullen wrote the letters.Cullen's Love is a stand-alone sweet historical romance set in 1887, but you'll want to read the whole series to enjoy the stories of the Clear Creek, Kansas community. Read all these romance novels by award-winning author, Linda Hubalek.Grooms with Honor Series1. Angus’ Trust (Angus and Daisy)2. Fergus’ Honor (Fergus and Iris)3. Gabe’s Pledge (Gabe and Iva Mae)4. Mack’s Care (Mack and Pansy)5. Cullen’s Love (Cullen and Rose)6. Seth’s Promise (Seth and Lily)7. Adolph's Choice (Adolph and Poppy)8. Nolan's Vow (Nolan and Holly)9. Elof's Mission (Elof and Linnea)10. Jasper's Wish (Jasper and Julip)11. Tully’s Faith (Tully and Violet)12. Kiowa's Oath (Kiowa and Mary)Brides with Grit Series1. Rania Ropes a Rancher (Rania and Jacob)2. Millie Marries a Marshal (Millie and Adam)3. Hilda Hogties a Horseman (Hilda and Noah)4. Cora Captures a Cowboy (Cora and Dagmar)5. Sarah Snares a Soldier (Sarah and Marcus)6. Cate Corrals a Cattleman (Cate and Isaac)7. Darcie Desires a Drover (Darcie and Reuben)8. Tina Tracks a Trail Boss (Tina and Leif)9. Lorna Loves a Lawyer (Lorna and Lyle)10. Helen Heals a Hotelier (Helen and Ethan)11. Faye Favors a Foreman (Faye and Rusty)12. Amy Admires an Amish Man (Amy and Eli)American Mail-Order Bride Series21. Lilly: Bride of IllinoisContemporary Romance Books by Linda K. HubalekThe Clear Creek Legacy Series, features the descendants of the Brides with Grit and Grooms with Honor families (available and future titles)The Saddler’s Legacy (featuring the Shepard families)The Rancher’s Birthright (featuring the Reagan families)The Marshal’s Gift (featuring the Wilerson families)The Cowboy’s Heritage (featuring the Hamner families)The Soldier’s Bequest (featuring the Brenner families)Historical Fiction Books based on Linda Hubalek's family historyTrail of Thread Series1. Trail of Thread2. Thimble of Soil3. Stitch of Courage Butter in the Well Series1. Butter in the Well 2. Prairie Bloomin’ 3. Egg Gravy 4. Looking Back Planting Dreams Series1. Planting Dreams 2. Cultivating Hope 3. Harvesting Faith Kansas Quilter SeriesTying the Knot