Author: Tabitha Zalot

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***READ FOR F R E E WITH KINDLE UNLIMITED***The BEST Book on Crystal Healing!Amazing guide for beginners on how to use crystals in healing, stress and anxiety management, and development of your intuition.Do you sometimes feel stressed out? Or do you sometimes feel anxiety creeping up on you? Or maybe you have a hard time concentraring at work? Or maybe your love life is not the best right now?Inside this book you will learn how you can use the power of crystals to calm you down when you are feeling stressed out or anxious. You will learn how to harness the healing power of crystals to help you get your calmness and control back again. By using crystals the proper way, you will even be able to get your love life back in balance.This book will show you:How you can heal yourself with crystalsHow we can use crystals to manage our stress levelsHow we can use crystals to control anxiety issuesHow we can use crystals to develop our intuitionWhat Cleansing, Programming, and Affirmation refer to when it comes to crystalsWhat are the seven major Chakras and how crystals can be used to balance themHow crystal healing was used in different cultures throughout timeWhat crystals in fact are!And a lot more!Buy This Book Now