Cryptid Killers by Alister Hodge

Author: Alister Hodge

Category: Horror

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Deal starts: June 04, 2023

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When a man is slaughtered on the slopes of a new ski-resort, his violent death catches the attention of Agent Rylan of the Cryptid Investigation Unit. Unbeknownst to staff and tourists, the resort’s built inside the territory of a savage beast, a predator with hundreds of years hunting experience.
Decorated soldier, Eoin Carter is new to Rylan’s team. Jaded and scarred from years of war, he will be introduced to an entirely different battle. As the creatures emerge from hibernation hungry and ready to feed, Rylan will divulge a secret, one that might turn the art of war on its head if leaked.
As the slopes run red with bloody carnage, Agents Rylan and Carter will be in a fight for their lives.