Crunch Time by Judd Hoekstra

Author: Judd Hoekstra, Rick Peterson

Category: Business & Finance

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An MLB pitching coach and a leadership expert share 6 strategies to help you handle pressure like elite athletes like Michael Jordan and Pedro Martinez.
In his fifteen years as a major league pitching coach, with the “Moneyball” Oakland A’s, New York Mets, Milwaukee Brewers, and Baltimore Orioles, Rick Peterson has coached Hall of Famers, Cy Young winners, and many other elite athletes. In this book, he and bestselling author and leadership expert, Judd Hoekstra make this skill available to everyone. From an insider’s perspective, learn how you too can become a Crunch Time performer and perform your best in all situations. With fascinating behind-the-scenes examples from some of the top names in sports and business, Rick and Judd offer six powerful reframing strategies to help you see a pressure situation with a new perspective so that it shifts from a threat that can make you panic to an opportunity for you to shine. 
With a Forward by “Money Ball” Billy Beane, EVP, Oakland Athletics.
2017 Silver Nautilus Award Winner in the Psychology Category
“Rick helped me unlock potential I didn’t know I had. He has a knack for using humor and anecdotes to enhance his message. I have no doubt that Crunch Time will help you unlock your potential and help you perform at your best under pressure!” —Tom Glavine, Hall of Fame major league pitcher, World Series Champion, and 300 game winner
—Steven Soderbergh, Palme d’Or winner at the Cannes Film Festival, Academy Award winner for Best Director