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There’s something for everyone in the Crime Fiction genre. Whether you enjoy the cozy escapism of an English country village, puzzling over a locked room mystery, or the dirt and grime of a hard-boiled detective going about their work. And there’s plenty in between. It’s impossible for us to have a category for every sub-genre, so here at Bookzio we decided on 3 — our Cozy Mysteries category is home to everything ‘cozy’, it’s a safe space for those who like their mysteries clean and polite. Then there’s our Mysteries category, where you’ll find some ‘real life’ and the edge of your seat. Then there’s our Crime Fiction section: this is where you’ll find hard-boiled dirt and grime, police procedurals, and borderline of the all out thriller. Enjoy…

What will I find in a ‘Crime Fiction’ Book?

Whilst the term ‘Crime Fiction’ is often used to describe the entire mystery and detective genre, it’s more descriptive of the later, gritty, ‘hard-boiled’ creations in the US, rather than the more cerebral ponderings of the UK creations.

There’s a distinction between a traditional UK mystery novel and a US crime fiction book: in a mystery, the story begins with a baffling murder, or crime of some kind, and the story tracks the evidence towards a solution, and a culprit. Mystery novels are often criticized for having little or no character development — or simply 2 dimensional characters. By contrast, crime fiction is less focused on the puzzle, and more on the characters involved. It’s not out of place, in a crime fiction novel, to know who the criminals are from the outset. The purpose of the story is less about puzzling and more about society, morality and the psychology of criminals and crime fighters. Mystery stories are escapist, in that they avoid much of the ‘blood and guts’ of true crime, and focus simply upon the puzzling aspect — crime fiction is deep in the gutter of real life.

Leaving the cozies and the Miss Marples to the Cozy and Mystery sections, our Crime Fiction category has a very American leaning. U.S. writers redefined the British mystery genre, in the days of ‘pulp fiction’ and brought much needed realism to the topic at hand.

Popular U.S. crime magazines, such as ‘Black Mask Magazine’ were filled by professional writers who relied upon their pay cheques and would use all means necessary to hook a reader in and keep them coming back for more — tactics included the addition of forbidden sex with gangsters’ molls and femmes fatales, along with brave and often violent sleuths dealing their trade in the shady mean streets.

Authors such as Norbert Davis, Raymond Chandler, Dashiell Hammett, Raoul Whitfield and Erle Stanley Gardner all graduated through this ‘blood and guts’ school of writing; which changed forever the mystery novel, when this ‘hard-boiled’ style eventually cross-pollinated with its cozy British cousin.

Both forms matured as a result of the new ‘soup’ they’d become. In the US, Chandler and Hammett took off, alongside authors such as Ross MacDonald, Cornell Woolrich, and James Cain. In Britain, there were Nicholas Blake, Michael Innes, Julian Symons and Edmund Crispin.

With the 1950’s came the police procedural genre in the US, with Ed McBain followed by Joseph Wambaugh. And the psychological mystery began developing, with writers such as Patricia Highsmith, whose characters were deep and mysterious, themselves. But still the two streams, whilst learning from each other, continued to mine their own veins: in the UK writers such as PD James, HRF Keating, Peter Lovesey and Ruth Rendell continued the traditional route, while realists in the US such as Jim Thompson, John D. McDonald, David Goodis and James M. Cain added psychological depth to the hard-boiled genre.

And it continues to develop, as its popularity continues to increase — crime and mystery fiction is as popular than ever. it was.

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Classic Crime Fiction Novel Red Harvest by Dashiell Hammett

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Another classic Crime Fiction Book American Tabloid by James Ellory

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Crime Fiction Seminar at the British Library

This may appear a little ‘dusty’ as it’s over 5 years old and a ‘British Library’ production but it’s a great discussion about Crime Fiction and its history — for those interested.

Hosted by Mark Lawson (a regular arts and culture journalist for the BBC), he discusses the Crime Fiction novel genre with crime fiction writers PD James, Henry Sutton and Jason Webster including the history of the genre, their favourite classics and their own work. Well worth a watch or a listen if you have the time and the inclination!

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The One That Got Away

Graduate students Zoë and Holli only mean to blow off some steam on their road trip to Las Vegas. But something goes terribly wrong on their way home, and the last time Zoë sees her, Holli is in the clutches of a sadistic killer. Zoë flees with her life, changed...

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Hey You, Pretty Face

An abandoned baby. Three girls stolen in the night. Two connected cases?London, Winter, 1999.When an abandoned newborn baby is discovered, DC Jack Rutherford becomes involved.Covering the holiday period almost singlehandedly, resources are at breaking point and he’s...

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Morgue Drawer Four

Coroner is the perfect job for Dr. Martin Gänsewein, who spends his days in peace and quiet autopsying dead bodies for the city of Cologne. Shy, but scrupulous, Martin appreciates his taciturn clients--until the day one of them starts talking to him. It seems the...

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"A masterwork of thrills and suspense." --Gayle Lynds, New York Times bestselling author of The Assassins #1 KINDLE BESTSELLER in "MYSTERIES & THRILLERS"WHO IS HUNTER? WHO IS PREY? WHO WILL SURVIVE?Award-winning true-crime author Robert Bidinotto makes his stunning...

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The Big Crazy

PHONES ARE OUT AND THE CITY’S UNDER WATER—A FIELD DAY FOR CRIMINALS! AND LOTS OF THEM ARE COPS…August 29, 2005 - Doomsday: New Orleans is eighty per cent under water—no electricity, no phones, no 911 service, no rules. Facing the complete breakdown of systems and...

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Special Agent Charli

The only man she wants in her life is her old Gramps, and all he wants is a grandchild. Special Agent Charli Madison can’t get a break. After the stress of her last horrific assignment, all she wants is to spend time vacationing with her Gramps in Fort Lauderdale, a...

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Technology So Valuable It Could Change Your Life…Or End itWhen Cryptologist Alton Blackwell takes his girlfriend, FBI Agent Mallory Wilson, on a surprise trip to Italy, the couple expects the vacation of a lifetime, but their pleasure is short-lived. Intent on selling...

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Glimpse of Death

Her beautiful face, serene and immobile, resting on her folded arm. Her long, luscious hair, undulating gently in the evening breeze. Her eyes half-closed, and a hint of a smile on her pale lips, as if to welcome an unseen lover. "WOW!!! Don't forget to buckle up your...

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House of Blues

House of Blues is the FIFTH book in the Edgar Award-winning Skip Langdon Series by Julie Smith."One of the best of the Skip Langdon series" -St. Louis Post-Dispatch"...two-fisted action, tender romance, and nail-biting suspense..." -The Jackson Clarion...

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All the Shiny Things

Katie Reid is a young woman with a good job and a good life. That is, until she discovers it was all a lie. Now, her desperate search for the truth begins.After learning of the terrible events that forever altered her childhood, Katie is compelled to dig into a past...

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The Greatest Good

A contract killer. A governor's son. And a gunshot heard around the world.This fast-paced, action-packed thriller stars a hero who's tough like Reacher and smart like Bosch.Back on the job after a year's suspension, former operative turned federal agent Garrison Chase...

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Ice on the Grapevine

"A 2012 Global Ebook Awards finalist ... Ice on the Grapevine: A Hunter Rayne Highway Mystery is a tense murder mystery featuring tough-minded ex-homicide detective turned eighteen-wheel truck driver Hunter Rayne. ... [It] is a riveting mystery that will keep the...

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Kind of Blue

When a legendary ex-cop is murdered in L.A., the pressure's on to find the killer. Lt. Frank Duffy needs his best detective on the case, but his best detective, Ash Levine, quit a year ago.A tenacious, obsessive detective, Ash resigned after Latisha Patton, the...

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Zodiac Killers (Books 1-3)

For the first time ever books 1, 2, and 3 from WL Knightly's Zodiac series in a Box Set.The Zodiac Killer #1Detective Darek Blake thought the secrets of his past were long buried, but when a young girl is murdered in a familiar way, finding the killer will not only...

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Elvis Has Not Left the Building

ELVIS IS BACK...AND FIGHTING CRIMEFrom J.R. Rain, the international #1 bestselling author of over ninety novels, comes the epic standalone mystery noir that asks the question: what if Elvis faked his death?It's tough being the King.Which is why in 1977 Elvis faked his...

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The Library Fuzz Megapack

James Holding (1907-1997) was a prolific short story author in the mystery field. (He also wrote children's books -- including the Ellery Queen Jr. series -- but short stories were his true domain.) Among the many series he created, the "Library Fuzz" stories, about...

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Deadly Journey

DEA Agent Kurt Rawlings has made a lot of enemies in his successful career, sending hundreds of criminals to prison. But now he's the one in captivity, snatched in El Paso by assassins but taken and smuggled into Mexico by a cartel that wants him alive—for now. Hoping...

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Music, Murder and Obsession in New Orleans.Beautiful and talented, Belinda wants to be a star. But a ruthless stalker is obsessed with her. He'll do anything to have her: blackmail, kidnapping, even murder. Fourteen months post-Katrina, Homicide Detective Frank Renzi...

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Girl With A Rose

Her body is frozen, unable to move. Her eyes are locked on the blood leaving her body in a steady string of droplets, collecting in the bone ash porcelain bowl engraved with intricate gold leaves. Her parted lips let out a shriek that no one hears. He just smiles and...

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Winter Wind

From #1 bestselling author, J.R. Rain comes the heart-pounding, heart-breaking thrill ride of the year.Five years ago, Lee Jordan was nearly killed on the job. Now deaf, blind, and mute, he's recovered enough to live a routine but silent life.However, now, the LAPD...

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A Swollen Red Sun

“Rough and ready suspense, encompassing a wide array of characters from the sour side of life” from the author of Frank Sinatra in a Blender (Daniel Woodrell, author of Winter’s Bone). In Gasconade County, Missouri—once called the meth capital of the world—Deputy...

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Ask No Questions

Some secrets were meant to stay hidden… Trust no-oneAfter an operation goes badly wrong, undercover specialist Detective Caelan Small leaves the Metropolitan Police for good. Or so she thinks. Then the criminal responsible is seen back in the UK. Soon Caelan is drawn...

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The Birdwatcher

WHAT DRIVES GOOD MEN TO MURDER?'If you're not a fan yet, why not?' Val McDermid'The most gripping book I've read in years. William Shaw is, quite simply, an outstanding storyteller' Peter May'Grips the reader by the throat and never lets go' Independent Sergeant...

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THE BESTSELLIING MYSTERY & THRILLERS SERIES WITH 2.2+ MILLION DOWNLOADS, 48,500+ Amazon & 34,000 Goodreads ratings - New York Times & USA Today Bestselling McRyan Mystery SeriesClick [Read for Free] in Kindle Unlimited or [Audiobook] to listen & workout for free!+...

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Hit Me

Bestselling author and grand master Lawrence Block returns to his deadliest hitman. A man named Nicholas Edwards lives in New Orleans renovating houses, doing honest work and making decent money at it. Between his family and his stamp collection, all his spare time is...

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The Dim-Witted Hitman

“Dimmie, my boy, it looks like you’re going on a luxury cruise.”With those words, the hot-headed Irish mobster sends his best hitman to take out his old rival. He’ll never control the mob so long as Kerrick is alive.Dimmie (short for Dim Wit) O’Malley, who has never...

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Tutti Frutti

Tutti Frutti is the FIFTH hilariously thrilling novel in the Dev Haskell mystery series."Lock the door, pour yourself a nice glass of something, and then hang on for a crazy ride with the likes of Dev Haskell and Candi." -Crime SyndicateA DISBARRED ATTORNEY, ILLEGAL...

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Death Of a Temptress

One missing woman.Two scapegoats looking to put the record straight.After being made the fall guy for the Serious Crime Unit’s incompetence DS Dave Slater is suspended from duty. Bored out of his mind sitting at home, all he wants is a chance to put the record...

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Big Sick Heart

Bad decisions have finally caught up with police detective Karen Seagate. Her drinking has destroyed her marriage and hurt her job performance, and the chief is looking for any excuse to fire her. Still, she and her new partner, a young Mormon guy who seems to have...

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Where There’s a Will

The kidnapping of a child is every parent's worst nightmare, for the Keatings though it isn't a nightmare, it's a reality.Inspector Stone is tasked with finding Alice Keating and bringing her home safely. Hard enough under normal circumstances, but between...

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The Blackwell Files (Volumes 1-3)

Blackwell Beginnings...NEFARIOUS: a fast-paced foray charting the investigation of an ex-Army captain and an intelligent, beautiful FBI agent into a covert, sinister project. "A heady thriller that gathers force with the understated menace of a tidal wave, then...

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Blood Orchids

Paradise has a dark side.She can’t stop thinking about a drowned girl’s face... because it reminds her of her own.Overcoming a past filled with scars, Lei makes a life for herself and her dog, Keiki, as a cop in the sleepy Big Island town of Hilo. When a routine...

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Web of Silence

No one is talking: the victims, the suspects, not even his partner…In his line of work, Detective Ray Schiller can't help but assume the worst. When a man and woman lie shot in a dark Minneapolis alley, he senses the crime is more sinister than a simple mugging. The...

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The Silent Daughter

'This one blew me away! I was hooked from start to finish. Felt like I was right there with the characters going through what they were. This is my first from this author but definitely not my last.' - Netgalley reviewer, ?????"Schoolgirl missing", the ticker reads,...

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Impulse Spy

Grad student Quinn is quiet, studious, and likes everything JUST so. Until she meets mysterious stranger Sloan McKenzie, private investigator and man-dazzler extraordinaire, that is. Because she wants Quinn's help.It turns out a little espionage may be just what Quinn...

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When The Stranger Came

One night in a small rural town in upstate New York, fifteen-year-old Dylan Hellenbrand, who is home alone, hears the doorbell ring. Upon inspecting the peephole, the wary teenager decides not to answer. The person standing on the porch is wearing a dark jacket with a...

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