Author: Jessie Gussman

Category: Christian Fiction

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Katie Lessing didn’t expect to be a single mom. Didn’t expect to have her husband cheat and leave. Didn’t think she’d be alone raising her kids.
Reviews for Cowboy Whispering My Name
????? "Following the adventure from reluctant acceptance to happily ever after is entertaining. I guarantee you will not be able to read the "kissing schedule" the couple is given without a real belly laugh! Along the way, there is a great storehouse of deep insight to what makes a marriage work. Solid Christian faith gives a wonderful foundation for these insights." - Damon
????? “Such an inspiring read! Always enjoy reading Ms. Gussman’s books, but this series is the best so far. The Piece Makers are making another match with quite the twist, the book delivers several interesting takes on marriage with no preaching. Love that these books give me the opportunity to consider my own actions in a non-threatening way. Highly recommend even for those of us that are single.” - retired_aunt
????? “Jessie has outdone herself with this series. This book is so inspirational with characters that discuss the issues they face and try to tackle them as a couple.” - grumpy74rw
????? “Boy!! The Piece Makers are getting braver and braver! Practically going for a shotgun wedding this time! Loved it! As always a special message of God's love for us!” - jannaweiler
????? “This is my favorite book so far in this series! Jessie has done an amazing job of weaving biblical truths into Katie and Flynn’s story. I’m sure you will be blessed by the encouragement you will receive by reading this book, not to mention the fun of reading Katie’s ashes to beauty story unfold.” - prairierose8
????? "Another amazing love story. Learning that what’s on the outside isn’t as important as what’s inside. Patience, kindness, all sorts of amazing virtues shine through in this book.' - lovetocook689
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