Covert Threat by Amy McKinley

Author: Amy McKinley

Category: Romantic Suspense

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Deal starts: May 30, 2021

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After an elite research facility reports a security breach, former Navy SEAL Trev Shaw is hired to guard a workaholic scientist. When he saves the gorgeous but frightened doctor from a boating mishap, sparks fly. It’s supposed to be an easy mission, but then his heart and mind get tangled in the danger surrounding her.

When infectious-disease specialist Jules Moretti is plagued by strange incidents she’s paired with their pilot-turned-bodyguard to ensure her safety while working on top-secret projects. As they grow closer, she learns there’s more to her protector than she first assumed. But then threats escalate, and she realizes that some things are better left buried.

When an unknown attacker threatens Jules, Trev works to reveal the true culprit and unmask whether the danger coming after her is personal or a smokescreen for biowarfare.