Author: Elouise East

Category: LGBTQ+

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As a newly single father, Zak tries to find a balance between his son, his business and his friends. When loneliness seeps in, he loses himself in a one-night stand. That one night turns into more than he bargained for, and he finds himself adrift, not knowing the right course of action.

Ex-Army officer, Kenzo, needs to help everyone. After letting down his best friend at the moment he needed him most, Kenzo is trying to make up for it. One night with Zak reminds him how precious life is, and he works harder to be the best he can be. Keeping his roommates secret, though, is taking its toll, and his relationship with Zak suffers.

Unable to deny their connection, Zak and Kenzo try to work out a future for themselves, but secrets are still being kept. Ones that threaten their foundation.

What happens when the columns of emotional support begin to crumble?