Author: Diana Lovely Jones

Category: Health Fitness & Self-Help

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A Fun Journey to a Stronger Relationship

Through a series of

questions, quizzes, and funny couple activities

, this book will guide you on a journey of self-discovery and

growth as a couple

.Each chapter focuses on a different aspect of your relationship, from

revisiting the reasons why you fell in love

, to

exploring your desires in the bedroom


building a future together

.This books has 5 chapters and 5 types of questions:

Chapters: Did You Know?, Getting to Know You, Growing Together, Unlocking Passion, Building a FutureEach chapter contains 10 multiple choice questions, 10 true or false questions, 10 couple activities, 10 open-ended questions, and 10 picture reactions.

Why you should get this book?

To strengthen your relationship with your partnerTo have a better understanding of each other and deepen your connectionTo enjoy fun activities with your partnerTo unlock secret desires and passionTo plan a bright future together

Also, this book is a perfect gift for:

CouplesValentine’s DayEngagementWedding anniversariesRelationship anniversariesWeddings Christmas or birthday