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?? Error 404 Communication Not Found: Learn How To Express Yourself In A Romantic Relationship!

Do you find it hard to communicate your needs with your relationship?

Are you struggling to prevent heightened emotion from taking over in a conversation?

Presenting "Couples Communication Workbook: 26 Practices For Resolving Conflict, Having Constructive Discussions, And Building Strong Connection And Deeper Intimacy" By Myranda Thrussell!Going through a rough patch with your other half often derives from the lack of communication, leading to fights, disappointment, and frustration.This game-changing communication book will help you find the formula for healthy communication, allowing you to express yourself and understand your boyfriend/ girlfriend's side.Through 26 practical exercises, this couples book will help you improve your communication and:?? Understand The Importance Of Communication In A Romantic Relationship?? Learn How To Communicate Using Words & Body Language?? Hone Your Communicational Skills During Emotional & Conflict Situations?? Bring More Intimacy Into Your Relationship

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