Author: H. L. Burke

Category: Children & Middle Grade

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When dragons are factory-farmed, one gutsy girl is willing to take on a ruthless corporation to save the creatures she loves.Twelve-year-old Cora's life obsession is dragons. In her world, dragon eggs are sold like common trading cards by the Dragon Emporium—a ruthless company that holds the monopoly on the creatures. Despite always getting short-lived mayflies dragons, her love for them compels her to purchase egg packs in the hopes of hatching a new, rare pet.Her luck takes a drastic turn when she finds an egg that hatches a dragon Cora has never seen before—a special one with the ability to influence other eggs. With her dragon and her best friend by her side, she takes on the Dragon Emporium and the Dragon Regulatory Agency.However, even with their help, Cora may be in over her head.