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The world is changing around us at an ever increasing speed. New technology and massive amounts of information can sometimes inspire us, but are often empty or meaningless. This is why it’s so crucial for us as parents and teachers to be strong caregivers, empathetic listeners, and a source of useful, worthwhile instruction for our children.We can help our kids face the challenges of the digital age by connecting with them in deep, meaningful conversations about important topics, including some of the struggles they now face or will in the future. We have provided 30 essential conversations for your family to engage with. These topics that will spark great discussions, encourage closeness, and strengthen your family! Connecting with our kids begins with simple, daily interactions. Use these simple conversation starters to talk about deep issues. Have fun as you tackle these topics, even the heavy ones. Find the humor in tough talks and learn to lighten up as you help your kids face life’s challenges.Some of the topics included are: Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence (AI)Changing TechnologiesHealthy SexualitySocial MediaLGBTQI IssuesOvercoming FearsFinding Real JoyAgencyIntegrityRacism and Tolerance FeminismSocial Classes: Rich and Poor Terrorism