Author: Nicholas Rhea

Category: Cozy Mystery

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GET **TEN** PERFECT FEEL-GOOD READS IN ONE GREAT-VALUE BOX SET.MEET BRITAIN’S BEST-LOVED VILLAGE POLICEMAN IN THE BOOKS THAT INSPIRED TV’S HEARTBEAT.Perfect for fans of James Herriot, T.E. Kinsey, Gerald Durrell and J.R. Ellis.WHAT READERS ARE SAYING‘It’s original, it’s funny . . . one of life’s little pleasures.’ Yorkshire Post‘Recommended if it’s laughter you’re after’ Bolton Evening News‘Richly entertaining.’ Yorkshire Evening PostIN THIS TEN-BOOK BOX SET:BOOK 1: CONSTABLE ON THE HILLIn the beautiful North Yorkshire countryside of the 1960s, Constable Nick gets acquainted with the eccentric villagers. He handles every encounter with unfailing humour, humanity and professionalism. His cases include a wilful pony, a shameless streaker and a pack of wolves in a bus shelter.BOOK 2: CONSTABLE ON THE PROWLConstable Nick is on night duty. And that means anything but a simple shift. Between a fracas the farming community, a badger with a sweet tooth, and getting to know his new workmates, there’s no time for Nick to kick his feet up. The village is asleep but the wrong-doers aren’t.BOOK 3: CONSTABLE AROUND THE VILLAGEJust as Constable Nick is getting to grips with rural life, he faces a canine crisis. Farmer Lowe’s overworked sheepdog is feigning deafness. Without him, the cows cannot be milked and five sheep turn up dead. Can Nick salvage the town’s farming future while juggling his other cases?BOOK 4: CONSTABLE ACROSS THE MOORSLife on the beautiful moors has plenty of surprises for Constable Nick, from affairs of the heart to the more curious side of the law. But when Ted Williamson’s sheep start disappearing, can Rhea find the culprit without making enemies of the farmers of Yorkshire?BOOK 5: CONSTABLE IN THE DALEAs beautiful as Yorkshire’s villages are, they’re far from drama-free. Nick is on hand to help out when Aidensfield decides to enter the Best Kept Village competition and finds itself the victim of a dirty tricks campaign by its rivals.BOOK 6: CONSTABLE BY THE SEAConstable Nick takes a break from his usual beat and heads to the seaside — for a dose of sun, sea and summer hijinks. But how will he fare with holidaymakers and their problems? And how long before he’s wishing he could be back home with his wife and kids?BOOK 7: CONSTABLE ALONG THE LANEA crime wave is coming to Aidensfield. A string of isolated barns are set on fire and Constable Nick soon realises he has an arsonist on his hands. Luckily, there’s help at hand: in the unlikely shape of Arnold Merryweather’s ancient bus.BOOK 8: CONSTABLE THROUGH THE MEADOWConstable Nick must swap his trusty bike for a mini-van. It’s all in the name of progress, but some things never change. Namely, Nick’s talent for riding into embarrassing scrapes. This time around, his problems involve illicit lovers, bossy wives and countless other characters.BOOK 9: CONSTABLE IN DISGUISEConstable Nick’s foray into the CID — aka, “Constable in Disguise” — is nothing if not eventful. His first mission calls for extreme stealth. Nick must keep watch on a suspected brothel. But just one misstep up on the roof is enough to blow his cover spectacularly.BOOK 10: CONSTABLE AMONG THE HEATHERConstable Nick opens his pocketbook to bring us more madcap tales of Aidensfield life. What’s to be done about Albert Potter’s homemade wines and Farmer Bayley’s souped-up tractor — last seen rampaging through the countryside? As always, it’s up to young Nick to keep the peace.Don’t miss out on the heart-warming humour of the Constable Nick mysteries! YOU GET ALL TEN OF THE ABOVE BOOKS IN THIS EDITION.