Conjuring a Coroner: Books 4–6 by S.C. Stokes

Author: S.C. Stokes

Category: Dark Fantasy & Paranormal

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When a high-ranking wizard is found murdered, Kasey finds herself pitted against the Arcane Council once more.
Calling on her prescience to aid her, Kasey hunts for any clue that might lead her to the killer. Much to her distress, her gift remains silent. For the first time in her life, Kasey is blind.
With a murderer armed with magic on the loose, Kasey will need to use every shred of her cunning just to stay alive.
Kasey has spent her entire life fighting to stop her vision becoming reality, but she is out of time. With only hours left until the deadly plot unfolds, Kasey is caught in a deadly race. Can she disarm the device in time or will Kasey be forced to watch a tsunami of destruction annihilate New York City one final time?
This Box Set contains:
- One Foot In The Grave - ASIN - B07NW5JS83
- One Last Breath - ASIN - B07V2PJ69T
- Until My Dying Day - ASIN - B07WF77VPG
If you love action-packed Urban Fantasy adventures, you don’t want to miss this killer read. Scroll up and one click to lose yourself in this new world today.
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