Author: Angelina Williams

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Unlock the female confidence code and learn how to start living boldly, cultivate confidence, move through the world without fear and

get what you want out of life.


“This should be


reading for all women these days”

Sophie Arnold, Author

?In this best-selling guide, Angelina Williams hands you the blueprint to becoming a powerful, self-assured woman by reprogramming your psyche to eliminate fears and self-limiting beliefs. ?

“Interesting, realistic and vital for today's woman”

Linda Reynolds, Chicago Today

?In "Confidence and Assertive Skills for Women", you're going to discover:


How to become a

confident, strong and calm woman

in today's chaotic world.


Real-life case studies of ordinary women like you who transformed their lives and became powerful, assertive women.


How to get rid of the debilitating impostor syndrome and gain the confidence you need to take on the world.-

Foolproof strategies

to help you become an assertive woman and impose your will on the world without coming across as pushy or domineering.


How to

quickly and easily

improve your communication skills.


Surefire ways to develop your emotional intelligence and natural intuition to greatly improve your relationships; personal



and much more! ?“…therefore we have zero doubts about recommending this book to any woman who wants to get ahead in this often male-dominated world.”

Rachel Grantham, Melbourne Times


The 2022 updated version is available now on Kindle, Paperback, Hardback and Audiobook.