Author: T.B. Markinson

Category: LGBT

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Cori Tisdale was on top of the world. A basketball star at Harvard and a promising author with a lucrative book deal.A few years later, Cori's life is falling apart. Her beautiful girlfriend, Kat Finn, has a shopping addiction. To make ends meet, Cori takes a part-time job at a coffee shop.Just when Cori thinks her life can't get any worse, an old crush appears out of the blue. Cori's friendship with Samantha Clarke pushes Cori further into a dangerous abyss when Sam reveals two secrets to Cori and asks her not to tell a soul, including Kat.Will this be the end of Cori's and Kat's relationship?Books in the series:Confessions from the Heart (Prequel)Confessions from a Coffee Shop (Book 1)Confessions from the Dark (Book 2)