Author: Linda Andrews

Category: Dystopian & Apocalyptic

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The end is over. The beginning is near. A civilized woman is about to meet a tribe who sees her as food. In this battle for survival, will she be the winner or the dinner?A hundred years after radiation spewed across the planet, the life on Earth is heading for extinction. And one woman is determined to stop it. This prodigal daughter leaves the safety of her home to unite the tribes of man. But the allies she finds will use her for their own selfish desires:A raider will fight to complete his bloody mission. A grandfather desperate to save his sick granddaughter will do anything to get her medical treatment. A mother will make a horrible choice just to survive. And a hoard of cannibals will jockey for their next meal. But the deadliest enemy is closer than she imagines, and a conspiracy could spell her death or worse.Conceived in Blood is the first installment in a post-apocalyptic trilogy. This dawn of civilization tale by Linda Andrews is action-packed, edge of your seat entertainment, and not for the feint of heart.Purchase Conceived in Blood today and join the struggle for survival.Warning: This books contains graphic violence, swearing, and cannibals playing with their food.