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Are you in a relationship that needs some help?Do you want to rebuild a relationship that has faltered?This book will help you do just that!Every relationship has that moment when it seems like it has reached an impossible barrier. Sometimes it can be just a passing problem that goes away of its own accord, while on other occasions it may need some help from an outside source to free you from the turmoil it is causing. The good news is that this help is now here.In this amazing book, Communication in Relationships, you will find the answers to solving the issues which could threaten or even completely derail your relationship, with advice on:- Creating and maintaining emotional intimacy- Cultural and family traditions- Asking what sort of relationship you want- Why some relationships fail- How to keep connected and in sync- Why you agree on some things and disagree on others- And much more…With questions that you are likely to have never encountered before, along with some that you may have already asked of yourself, Communication in Relationships is a book that has been designed to help get your relationship back to where it should be.Get a copy now and see what it will do for you!Buy the Paperback version and get the Kindle Book versions for FREE What are you waiting for?! Scroll Up, Click on the "Buy Now" button!