Author: Ellie Masters

Category: Erotic Romance

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Kate takes on the world in her Mistress’ White Leather, but can she maintain her hard edge when forced to submit to another?Private investigator, Kate Summers is The Mistress of Pain. She submits to no man.With a tragic past, she doesn’t believe in love, let alone romance.But to catch a killer, she’ll do whatever it takes to solve her case. She’ll surrender her Mistress’ white leather and submit to a prominent Dom, going undercover to find a serial killer.It’s the only way to follow the leads and solve the case...And she’s only supposed to pretend...But she’s finding it too easy to submit to the strong and demanding Jake Davenport. He’s sexy and arrogant, but their instant attraction can’t be denied.The lines between what is real and what is not blur the closer she gets to finding the killer.That’s a big problem.Because as her investigation proceeds, Jake becomes her number one suspect.Will Kate catch the killer, or will she become his next victim?________________________________Don’t Pass up on this book. Grab your copy of COMMAND, a Steamy, Contemporary Dark Romantic Suspense. Dive into this Captivating Dark Mystery with a Tough Female Sleuth, an Arrogant and Complicated Hero, and a Twisty Plot that Stimulates your Mind and… well, you know where else. COMMAND is book 1 in the Changing Roles series with a smart, feisty heroine and the demanding alpha male hero who steals her heart. Grab your copy today and let the binge reading begin."This story has everything...intrigue, excitement, romance, murder, twists, and turns you will not see coming."________________________________Command is the first book in the Changing Roles SeriesCommandControlCollar