Coming Home to Love by Serenity Snow

Author: Serenity Snow

Category: LGBT

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Can you really go home when home again when home is like a wound that hasn’t healed?

Remi Ashbury finds herself returning to Cozy Bend after her world was shattered one dark night when her father killed her family and tried to kill her. With a few videos and a letter, Remi is seeking resolution of a crime that led to the destruction of two families while two others grew wealthy.

What she finds is the girl she left behind, all grown up and several pounds lighter. Remi didn’t expect to find attraction just a reconnection with a man who’d been like a father to her.. With Sarina Snowden, she rediscovers the attraction that kept her going as a teenager.

As the truth is slowly revealed, she falls in love with Sarina and realizes a broken heart can be healed but some wounds will always remain.