Author: Richard McDaniel

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- Have you ever felt that sense of inadequacy in the face of difficulties that arise every day?

- How many times have you woken up with that uncomfortable feeling without knowing why?

- Do you find yourself too often feeling anxious and depressed?

All this happens when we enter the vortex of a mental state-Anxiety-that can affect us to the point of ruining our lives.

Seeking various expedients to ward it off might seem the easy way, but through a journey between mind, soul and body, we will understand that the solution lies within us.



by Richard McDaniel offers a guided path full of practical exercises that will help you to:

Overcome anxiety by discovering what it stems from and the damage it can causeUnderstand how to stop overthinking by creating healthy mini habitsEliminate negative thinking by focusing on the presentDiscovering the Mindfulness technique that everyone is talking aboutDealing with panic attacks, mental and physical disorders and various illnessesLearn meditation and breathing through practical techniques to calm the mindhow to improve your self-esteemrelaxation and meditationand many others.

Believe me, I have been there and helped dozens of clients with the same problem: I know this unpleasant state of mind well!But is there a method to leave this condition behind and get back to living in the present moment, giving you the longed-for serenity?

This book is the solution to your problem! Thanks to a streamlined and effective approach, fine-tuned and tested with my clients, the system described in these pages will help you regain your mental well-being quickly, giving you tangible results as soon as the first week passes!

Sufferers are likely to feel dependent on others and wish to get a lot off their chest; however, they feel like they aren’t able to do it.If you are one of these sufferers, you can learn more about your disorder by reading these anxiety books and workbooks. These tend to assist you to overcome your issues and understand them as well. Get this book today!

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