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Are you desperately trying to understand how to deal with a relationship with a narcissist?

Would you like to learn how to recognize if your partner is a narcissist?

Eager to know how to protect your child from a toxic relationship?

If the answer is YES, then keep on reading because this guide is perfect for you!

When you start a relationship, everything seems lovely, you walk a meter above the sky, and the partner looks like an angel. Then the relationship goes on, a child is born, and slowly you realize that the partner is no longer that understanding and affectionate person you knew. Without realizing it, you find yourself trapped in a toxic relationship.

When you recognize your partner is a narcissistic person who undermines your freedom, your psycho-physical health, and the relationship with your child, you feel desperate, and you don't know where to turn to.

This guide gives you a solution to get out of this situation and the necessary information to protect your child from a narcissistic parent.

In this book, you will discover:

How To Understand And Recognize The Language Of The NarcissistHow To Get Over A Toxic Relationship, deal with an abusive ex, and break free from the controlling sociopathWays To Build Resilience In Children when sharing parenting with a former narcissistSpecific Advice For Each Age Of Your ChildFacing False Allegations Of Child Abuse And Domestic ViolenceHow To Avoid Parental Alienation Syndrome and techniques for talking to your children to foster honesty and trust... & Lot More!

You've probably endured tremendous pain at the hands of your partner, and your ex's manipulative and selfish behaviors are almost certain to continue after the breakup.

Thanks to the help of this guide, you will learn how to deal with your ex and protect your child, rediscovering a sense of peace and serenity together with new self-esteem.

What are you waiting for?

Order Your Copy NOW and Start Investing In Your Child's Happiness Today!