Claiming Ellie by Stephanie Julian

Author: Stephanie Julian

Category: Erotic Romance

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She has one wicked desire…
Elise Perrault has more money than she could ever spend in a lifetime, but it can't buy her happiness. Or a lover. She wants a man who sees her as a woman and not a wealthy heiress. She wants a steamy affair with a hot guy to fill the ache inside her. Her dating drought has lasted more than a year so she creates a fake profile to find a no-string-attached lover. But two of her sexiest staffers discover her plan and plot to come to her rescue.
They’ll make her wish come true…
Hard-ass head of security Manny Bianchi and playboy CEO Rob Henry have been friends since boarding school and work together at Perrault Financial. Manny believes he and Rob can safely give Elise what she wants. Rob, bored with his job, is always looking for the next thrill. Rob knows Manny’s been lusting after Elise for years. So has he, but he never wanted to cross that line. Until now.
This sexy/sweet twist on the Cinderella love story features two heroes, a reluctant princess and a happily-ever-after.