Author: Stephanie Taylor

Category: Womens Fiction & Chic Lit

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When stagnation threatens the future of her beloved island, 30-year-old mayor Holly Baxter goes head-to-head with the community’s elderly retirees. With secrets swirling, family drama brewing, and an ex-boyfriend hanging around, can Holly find a way to save her slice of paradise? Her best bet is to allow a reality show to film on the island, but not everyone is thrilled to have cameras and prying eyes on Christmas Key. In fact, one of the locals is more than happy to let her know how he feels about the situation, and before she knows it, Holly is defending her choices in front of the whole island... The first two books of the Christmas Key series are filled with romance, possibility, and family drama. The accompanying novella brings Holly’s family history to life. What are you waiting for? Visit Christmas Key today: palm trees, sunshine, open waves, and a small town filled with eccentric islanders awaits you...