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Young children enjoy having books read to them, and will often insist upon having you read the same books over and over again, at bedtime. Often, even having the same book read again during the same reading session.

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But that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with the same books and the same routine. Many years ago, before the digital age, parents probably did read the same books over, because they only had a limited selection. But ereaders and tablets have changed all that and there’s not only an endless supply of cheap and free ebooks for children and middle graders, there more being written and illustrated and added to the stock every day!

But that’s not all: we’re living in a golden age of childrens’ books and young adult literature. Where there used to be clear lines between what each age group would read, or have read to them — because of the way new media works, with film and television, games and education, all working together, young children and middle graders are being exposed much earlier to the characters and materials of books they may not come to read until much older.

Harry Potter is a case in point, although so is the Lord of the Rings, and the Hobbit. When they were still just books, they were too advanced for younger children, but as films and games their presence is there in every toy shop and younger children are already familiar with them even before their reading level has caught up.

Disney movies no longer require a cinema ticket and a couple of hours in a darkened room, they can be streamed directly to a child’s play room. Even Dr Seuss and Roald Dahl characters have been turned into cartoons.

But that’s not to argue that we don’t need the books any longer. In fact, we need them more insistently. Words and pictures are the most essential ingredient of a developing child’s creative toolset. It’s important for them to engage with books at the outset, so they can understand how other media are developments from simply words and pictures. And they can create those themselves.

Ereaders and ebooks are essential to a child, as paper books were before the digital revolution (and remain so). The ‘library’ they provide is more extensive, but the principle remains the same. And here at Bookzio we’re dedicated to bringing you the best children’s book offers we can find…

Action and Adventure books classic - The Bourne Identity by Robert Ludlum

All time Classic Childrens’ Book The Cat in The Hat by Dr Seuss

Action and Adventure books classic - The Bourne Identity by Robert Ludlum

Classic Childrens’ Book, now a movie, The BFG by Roald Dahl

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The Secret Zoo

Something strange is happening at the Clarksville City Zoo. Late at night, monkeys are scaling the walls and searching the neighborhood—but what are they looking for?Noah, his sister Megan, and their best friends, Richie and Ella, live next door to the zoo. Megan is...

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The Sweeet Old Lady Down the Street

A children's book that grandmothers will love too. For ages 1 to 111. Are you tired of the typical stereotypes of the elderly woman being labeled a "crazy cat lady," "old grouch," "old hag," or "ugly witch"? It's time for a new image! Meet the Sweeet Old Lady. This...

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The New Frontier

Lauren hates the idea of starting a new life in space. Just because her dad lost his job and couldn’t find one on Earth, their whole family has to move all the way out to the fringes of the galaxy, the Cielo Outpost, a complex of space stations near the asteroid belt....

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Unofficial Detective

For his whole life, Thordric has been told that his magic is dangerous, and that he must never use it.All over Dinia, half-wizards are treated the same, their magic labelled as dangerous and uncontrollable. But when High Wizard Kalljard dies under mysterious...

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Tardy Bells and Witches’ Spells

Most of us have faced the fact that an owl will never come with our acceptance letter to Hogwarts. Find out what this teen does to take matters into her own hands.Nerdy high school outcast, CLARISSA LAWRENCE, has always felt like she didn't belong in this world. More...

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Sunny’s Morning Surprise

Sunny’s Morning Surprise is a bright and colorful baby elephant story that will at once both entertain your child and bring attention to important concepts: • inclusion and rejection • handling disappointment • practicing joy and patience • and keeping an open and...

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Written for my granddaughter's birthday. A young confident, curious, compassionate girl wants to help her grandparents with their new puppy. That pup just keeps getting out of the fence. She is determined to figure out how that puppy is getting out before her visit is...

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Blueberry Muffins Are Up a Buck a Pair

A heart-warming, fantasy novel written by two best friends in their early 20's back in the 1970's but not released until the recent passing of one of the authors - a wonderful tribute. Chock full of fun, imagination, creativity, friendship, levity, and adventure -...

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The Ski House Cookbook

What could be better than standing on top of a mountain, snow sparkling, the slopes calling? Not much, except perhaps skiing down to a warm, home-cooked meal that comes together effortlessly.The Ski House Cookbook makes it all possible with 125 recipes that will keep...

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The Deep and Snowy Wood

A deer, a squirrel and a mole know a secret.They know that once a year a very special person plays a brief visit to the Deep and Snowy wood. Who could this special person be?See if you can guess.Ages 2 and upThe Deep and Snowy Wood is a Christmas/Winter picture book....

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The Zero Blessing

Caitlyn Aguirre should have been a magician. Her family certainly expected her to be a magician. But by the time she reached her twelfth birthday, Caitlyn hadn't even managed to cast a single spell! In desperation, her parents send her - and her magical sisters - to...

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The Year Without a Santa Claus

Santa has woken up on the wrong side of the bed. He’s got a crick in his neck, a cold in his nose, and aches in his fingers and all ten toes. So Santa decides to take his first vacation in one thousand years. The Elves, the reindeer, the Gnomes, and, most of all, the...

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The Christmas Relay Team

Why doesn't Santa's famous reindeer team trade off with animals better suited for the warmer regions of the world along their Christmas Eve delivery route? Wouldn't it also be faster to have multiple teams run shorter distances than one team race around the whole...

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The North Pole Challenge

From "Part fantasy, part coming-of-age tale, part humorous romp, THE NORTH POLE CHALLENGE is both entertaining and imaginative. As the first book of five, the narrator skillfully positions his central character to have numerous other adventures."From...

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The Case of the Crafty Christmas Crooks

Buckley and Bogey, Cat Detectives, find their next case hits a little too close to home. Because someone has been breaking into houses and stealing all the Christmas presents! And the first two robberies even took place in their very own neighborhood. Holy Catnip! Of...

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Great Christmas Treasure

When Ernie the Elf overhears Santa's private discussion about leaving the North Pole in search of Christmas Treasure, he hatches a scheme to save Christmas. But his plans almost get Christmas cancelled altogether. Will Ernie save Christmas? Will Santa leave the North...

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How (Not) to Kiss Your Dog

How (NOT) to Kiss Your Dog is told from the point of view of twelve year old Jenny. After her brother Jack adopts Albert, a Jack Russell terrier, Jenny’s calm life becomes terrier-ized. The story details the friendship that eventually develops between Jenny and Albert...

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The Five Unnecessaries I am Aislyn. These are the sad facts of my world.Any child born in the Republic who is unscheduled, imperfect, or inconvenient is labeled an Unnecessary.Any pregnant woman, or Vessel, is targeted as an enemy of the state for harboring an...

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Rise of the Olympians

"A swicked adventure that will leave you smiling and wanting more." -HM Ward, New York Times Bestselling AuthorThere are no minor gods.Lilah Jones is officially thirteen. Unfortunately, the day comes with a few twists she didn't expect. For example, her hair turned...

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Fritz Fombie Have No Fear

Fannie’s a fourth grader with a problem. She’s afraid of so many things that she keeps a list of fears on her bedroom door. She’s scared of the dentist. She’s scared when her parents leave for the weekend and she has to deal with mean babysitter Buz, and she’s...

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The Vanderbeekers of 141st Street

From New York Times best-selling author Karina Yan Glaser comes one of Times'  Notable Children's Books of 2017: “In this delightful and heartwarming throwback to the big-family novels of yesteryear, a large biracial family might lose their beloved brownstone home,...

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Polly and Dragon

It is perfect for reading before bedtime as well as for reading for fun. Vivid illustrations of the book are taking your child to the world of colors and funny adventures. A beautiful story with a great message, that: - Tells that our life is amazing and full of...

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Goodnight, Swampy the Little Monster

“Swampy the little monster was not always good;He sometimes didn’t do the things he should...“Hey parents and bedtime story lovers! Does your child refuse to sleep even if it is so late? Read this hot nursery rhymes bestseller and find out how Swampy gets ready for...

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Bobby and the Monsters

One evening Bobby confessed that he is afraid to sleep in his bed. It is a quite often situation for little kids. Their vivid imagination creates a genuine fear about what is waiting in the darkness of the room. Bobby's Mom treats with understanding to his feelings...

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Where is Your Dinosaur?

Do you have toys all over your house? And you do not like it, but you do not know how to teach a child to clean up toys? The book will help teach your child to clean up toys and don't to leave them scattered throughout the house. Introducing Dinko a friendly dinosaur...

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Hey, Declutter Train!

Stop scattering toys all around the house! Toy train explains your lovely kids the necessity of cleaning their room! Beautiful story with marvelous illustrations - the best way to spend time together with your kids. Instill the proper habits in children from the very...

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You Stole My Name

"You Stole My Name", is a collection of stunning illustrations of animals with unlikely shared names. "You stole my name", said the bull to the bull trout, cat to the cat fish, tiger to the tiger shrimp, and so on. This gorgeous picture book features sixteen pairs of...

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A Day at the Zoo

Read A Day at the Zoo to your children and see their faces light up when they search for all the different hidden animals. A Day at the Zoo is a children’s book that your little ones will find delightful. It follows a typical day visiting a zoo and the different...

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Cool Science Experiments For Kids!

An easy-to-follow, step-by-step instruction book which introduces kids to the magic of motion, energy, chemistry, art, games, and math fun; understanding basic scientific principles and most importantly, having a blast making them. With this book all you need to do is...

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In this book series, we visit the most diverse cultures from all over the world and delve into the rich treasure chest of their storytelling. The traditional tales in this volume speak of the awesome and the marvellous, of the perilous and the exhilarating. We shall...

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Sleep Writer

" of the best novels I've read regardless of genre; it haunted me for several days after I read it. Read this novel regardless of your age; I doubt you'll be disappointed, and your mind may be stretched a bit. The final ten percent blew me away." —Piers Anthony,...

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Pete the Cat Saves Christmas

A New York Times bestselling Pete the Cat holiday picture book!Spend the holidays with your favorite blue cat! In this rockin' spin on the traditional tale The Night Before Christmas, Pete the Cat proves that giving your all in the spirit of Christmas is the totally...

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