Author: G.F. Bileck

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Charly and Marlie, two chickens from the modern chicken planet Cluckeneenoos, had only planned for a cozy birthday picnic in outer space. But when they take their space ship, the “Boring Tube”, for a ride, they soon find themselves tumbling from one crazy adventure to the next. Suddenly, they’re dealing with all kinds of whacky aliens: racing moles, hold-your-beak vines, magma hamsters and gourmet moray eels – just to name a few. The two of them must prove themselves as jungle explorers, ghost hunters and secret agents in order to succeed. Adding to their challenge, the infamous walrus artist Benny Bratworst appears on the scene. The galactic gangster has plans to conquer the universe with hearty-party music, avalanches and four seasons of winter! Will Charly, Marlie and their new friends be able to save the universe from Benny’s frosty plans? G.F. Bileck’s Charly and Marlie’s Adventures in Outer Space is, simply put, a children’s book with universal appeal (pun intended!). Its humor and innocence will delight the young and charm the young at heart, making a great addition to any family’s bookcase. Bileck includes subtle nods to children’s classics that will strike a chord with adult readers, and her unbridled imagination will treat all readers to a one-of-a-kind journey. The story’s cuddly, wacky charm is matched only by Portland graphics artist James T. Eldridge’s adorable illustrations. His drawings will surely elicit chuckles for their playful pop culture references, while demanding multiple views for their attention to detail. This version of the book – for the first time ever – includes all three volumes of Charly and Marlie’s adventures in one complete edition, sporting additional artwork and a compendium of all characters.