Author: Pippa DaCosta

Category: Dark Fantasy & Paranormal

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When the veil fell, demons made Los Angeles their new home...Half-demon Gem knows only that she and her brother, Del, are escaped experiments. On the run from the cruel Institute who would prefer she be in chains, she’s fallen into a life under the thumb of the demon trafficker, and powerful demon, Allard.But when Del disappears and the mysterious and cocky, Torrent, shows up with seemingly all the answers, Gem would be a fool to trust him. She’s never trusted anyone. Just herself and Del, and as she follows Del’s trail, she discovers Torrent and Allard aren’t the only ones with an interest in seeing her fail. The Institute hasn’t forgotten their experiments. Time is running out. The net is closing. Can Gem save her brother before their fates are sealed forever?Chaos Rises is the first book in the dark and twisty Chaos urban fantasy series. This world is full of morally ambiguous people and demons. If you’re looking for urban fantasy with bite, you’ve found it in this stunning trilogy. Reading order:Chaos RisesChaos UnleashedChaos Falls