Author: Lawrence De Maria

Category: Action & Adventure

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DEATH AND TRAGEDY ARE THE CHIEF EXPORTS OF A CORRUPT CARIBBEAN ISLAND!Private eye Jake Scarne runs afoul of a drug cartel that uses snakes and boiling volcanic pools to eliminate its enemies. After a close friend is murdered, he is caught in a deadly game of cat-and-mouse with the rogue American billionaire who wants access to the cartel's powerful mind-control drug. Caught in the middle is a woman both men love.*** “JAKE SCARNE THRILLERS NEVER DISAPPOINT!” (John Crudele, New York Post); “A LAWRENCE DE MARIA TITLE GIVES YOU MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK THAN JUST ABOUT ANYTHING IN THE BOOK MARKETPLACE TODAY.” (Florida Weekly); “A MASTER OF THRILLER DIALOGUE.” (Washington Independent Review of Books)***"De Maria ranks up there with Sanford and Child." (Amazon Review)