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?Do you want to feel better, younger, and healthier without too much effort? would you like to know the age-old secrets of the art of yoga, but do you think you can't because of your ailments??

If yes, then keep reading!

Usually, people are perplexed when they hear “chair yoga.” This is because the complex poses associated with traditional yoga are difficult to imagine doing in a chair. To some extent, this is correct. However,

traditional yoga poses have been adapted to be performed by those sitting in a chair.

American yoga instructor Lakshmi Voelker-Binder first developed it in 1982. Voelker was a successful yoga instructor studying yoga since 1969. Unfortunately, one of Voelker’s students had arthritis and could no longer participate in classes, which prompted Voelker to develop a new form of yoga. Voelker took it upon herself to ensure her student was not left out.

Chair yoga poses are easier to perform and more accessible.

It compromises some of the range of motion required for traditional poses. Still,

it holds the same benefits as other forms of yoga with no drawbacks.

It is something that was developed for comfort and convenience.

This book covers:

?What is chair yoga


Warm-up exercises and Exercises for beginners with tons of illustrations

?Exercises for those with injuries to relieve the pain


Intermediate exercises for the ones that want to improve their technique

?Chair yoga for seniors to relax and meditation


And much more!The chair you use for chair yoga is vital to consider. It should be a chair with a stiff back, no arms, and no wheels (unless it is a wheelchair with locked wheels). For some positions, you can use the back of the chair as support for your spine, but be aware of the chair's back angle. Ensure that your spine is straight when performing exercises to gain the most benefit.

This is just a taste of what awaits you inside the book.

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