Author: Ann Campanella

Category: Biographies & Memoirs

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As a two-year-old, Ann Campanella’s daughter barely registers on the pediatric growth chart, rarely naps and has intense stomachaches after eating. Doctors and well-meaning friends repeatedly assure Ann that Sydney will outgrow these issues. But at the age of five, Sydney finally receives a celiac diagnosis.

Celiac Mom charts the course of one mother who is determined to keep her daughter safe from gluten, a substance that is literally poisoning her. A noncook, Ann must figure out how to nourish Sydney and avoid painful gluten exposures. She reveals the ups and downs of creating gluten-free habits revolving around family and friends, holidays, vacations, school lunches, summer camps and more. As Sydney matures, Ann must ultimately learn to let go and allow her daughter to make her own choices in a gluten-filled world.

The book also includes:
Two weeks of easy gluten-free recipes
Favorite family recipes from well-loved chefs
Helpful people, websites and products
Gluten-free shopping lists
Ideas for eating out safely