Rules for Aging

Author: Roger Rosenblatt

Category: Parenting & Family

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Rule #1: It doesn't matter. One of USA Today's Best Self-Help Books of the Year: "Hilarious." -- People Prize-winning essayist Roger Rosenblatt has commented on some of the most important trends and events of our time in insightful columns in Time and discerning commentaries on PBSNewshour with Jim Lehrer. But at the dawn of a new millennium, Roger found himself facing an issue that he couldn't talk his way out of: getting old. Luckily, aging couldn't dull his wit, and he turned his sharp pen to creating a survival manual for the twilight of life. These fifty-four brilliant, funny, and indispensable rules range from how to handle a bad hair day (or a no hair day) to knowing the difference between humor and comedy to learning that, in the end, none of these little worries really matter. Practical, wise, and funny, Rules for Aging offers not only a new mantra for an older generation but "a guide for those in the younger generation who want to learn from the mistakes of their elders" (Newsday).

The Mind Tree: A Miraculous Child Breaks the Silence of Autism

Author: Tito Rajarshi Mukhopadhyay

Category: Parenting & Family

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Written by a severely autistic young boy, this articulate and beautiful book "forces us to reconsider the condition of the deeply autistic"(Dr. Oliver Sacks). In The Mind Tree, we meet Tito, a severely autistic and nearly nonverbal child who, despite these challenges, has an astonishing ability to communicate through writing. At the age of three, Tito was diagnosed with severe low-functioning autism. But his mother read to him with boundless determination, taught him to write in English, and challenged him to write his own stories. The result of their efforts is this extraordinary book -- written when he was eight to eleven years old -- composed of profound and startling philosophical prose and poetry. During a New York Times interview, Tito scrawled on a yellow pad, "I need to write... It has become a part of me." Tito's story offers unique insight into autism and other neurological disabilities, and illustrates the insatiable human desire to create. His beautifully crafted language reveals how it feels to be locked inside an autistic body and mind. "This book is indeed amazing, shocking too." -- Dr. Oliver Sacks, author of Awakenings and The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat "Tito is a window into autism such as the world has never seen." -- Portia Iversen, cofounder of Cure Autism Now "Tito's vivid autobiographical reflections reveal a sensibility and intelligence greater than his years." -- National Geographic

The Overparenting Epidemic

Author: George S. Glass and David Tabatsky

Category: Parenting & Family

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Helicopter parents, tiger moms, cosseters, hothouse parents . . .Whatever we label it, overparenting—anxious, invasive, overly attentive, and competitive parenting—may have finally backfired. As we witness the first generation of overparented children becoming adults in their own right, many studies show that when baby boomer parents intervene inappropriately––with too much advice, excessive favors, and erasing obstacles that kids should negotiate themselves––their “millennial” children end up ill-behaved, anxious, narcissistic, entitled youths unable to cope with everyday life. The obsession with providing everything a child could possibly need, from macrobiotic cupcakes to 24/7 tutors, has created epidemic levels of depression and stress in our country’s youth, but this can be avoided if parents would just take a giant step back, check their ambitions at the door, and do what’s really best for their kids.Written by a noted psychiatrist and a parenting specialist, The Overparenting Epidemic is a science-based yet humorous and practical book that features an easy-to-read menu of pragmatic, reasonable advice for how to parent children effectively and lovingly without overdoing it, especially in the context of today’s demanding world.

Call Me Tuesday

Author: Leigh Byrne

Category: Parenting & Family

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TOP 100 KINDLE BESTSELLER LIST (2014) When Tuesday Storm is eight years old she does something bad. Something so horrible her mother can't even bring herself to say what it is. Tuesday's punishment is to be isolated from her father and siblings and to stand with her face to a wall. Food is withheld, as well as sleep. She's forced to wear a mask so the rest of the family won't have to see her ugly face, and most painful of all, her mother stops calling her Tuesday. Instead she's known as "Horse Face" or "Weasel". Day after day, punishment for the mysterious "bad thing" continues until Tuesday's childhood is an endless nightmare of slavery, beatings and sadistic "games". Starving and alone, she finds herself locked in a dark attic with nothing but a bare bed and a bucket for a toilet. If she wants to survive and reclaim her identity, she has no choice but to fight back. Based on a true story, Call Me Tuesday recounts, with raw emotion, a young girl's physical and mental torture at the mercy of the monster in her mother's clothes--a monster she doesn't know how to stop loving. Tuesday's tragic, yet inspirational journey through the hidden horrors of child abuse will open your eyes to what could be going on behind your neighbor's door, while her unwavering hope and fighting spirit will tug at your heartstrings.

Parenting Baby

Author: Emily Jeffers

Category: Parenting & Family

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Expecting a baby is a miraculous yet chaotic time. You hope to live the fairytale with a chubby, smiling, curly-haired baby out of a diaper commercial. You dream about its beautiful eyes, and how you and your partner will become even closer when that little bundle of joy arrives. A million thoughts swirl in your head: How will I do this? Can I be a good parent? What if this happens, what if that occurs? You name it. Emily Jeffers' book will help prepare you for newborn parenting and enable you to be confident, relaxed parents who know what they're doing. Here are answers to many of the doubts and questions every new parent has, from the newborn's first day to its first birthday. You will discover a lot of useful information about: • Fontanelles • Newborn feeding (breastfeeding and bottle feeding) • Burping • Colic • How babies' senses develop • Bathing, baby skincare, and possible skin problems • Diapering a baby • Caring for your newborn's umbilical cord stump • Baby nail care • Baby mouth hygiene • Baby's ears and eyes • Washing baby clothes • Baby and winter • Teething • Newborn sleep training • A baby-friendly house • Playing with your baby • What babies like • And much more! Being a parent is a full-time job with no weekends or vacations, and it lasts for the rest of your life. While it might sound scary, it's also the most pleasurable and rewarding job on the planet. That little human being is coming to make you a different, better person than you could ever imagined yourself to be. With a lot of love and a reliable book with solutions to your dilemmas, you're at the beginning of a marvelous journey. Scroll to the top of this page, click the "Buy now with 1-Click" button, and START YOUR NEW JOURNEY RIGHT AWAY. About the Author Emily Jeffers is a pediatric nurse and mother of three. She has more than fifteen years of experience in giving help and support to new parents and their babies, and ten years in being a mom. During her career, she has recognized certain issues that bother all new parents. This parenting guide is to help answer the most common questions and give encouragement to parents at the beginning of the most important journey of their lives.

How to Divorce Your Siblings

Author: Dee T. Achment

Category: Parenting & Family

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This book is dedicated to every person out there who has ever had a sibling drive you completely crazy...Inside "How to Divorce Your Siblings" are practical coping tools - new perspectives and even a couple of games that you can play with your siblings to keep them off your back and help you retain your sanity at the same time. Coming from a large family where almost no one speaks to each other civilly anymore, I've had to develop a few coping mechanisms and I share them here in this book with you.I am remaining anonymous through the publication process, and yet even so, there are a few things I will tell you about myself to help you understand who I am and why I feel I could write a book that could help others with their relationship problems with their siblings.However, first I must give a disclaimer. I am not a trained psychologist. What I've learned about relationships I've learned through the school of life. But I am a trained observer and I can quickly and easily step back from a situation and see it from a detached perspective. This talent has been an asset in both my private and professional lives.I'm the youngest girl of several siblings and as such have felt I've been forced to take the brunt of their abuse for many years. I hope no one interprets this book as revenge or retribution on them. I have gone to great lengths to protect their identities. This book is about helping others who are in dysfunctional family relationships manage more easily and make their own lives more enjoyable as I have been able to do.In a list of rules called "The Simple Rules of Life,", rule 4 says, "A lesson is repeated until it is learned." So, I want to help others learn these 'family interaction' life lessons so that they can move on from them, to bigger and better things - like getting on with your own life...I have divorced my siblings, and it does feel good now, when someone says, "Isn't he your brother?" I can answer, "No, he's my ex-brother."Everyone gets what I mean right away, most of them laugh and most of the ones who thought it was funny, start saying the same thing about some of their siblings...I'm not trying to break up any families here, but potentially inside any family structure there are relationships that can be potentially toxic. Those are the relationships that need to be shaken up and I hope these tools will enable those embroiled in those types of relationships, to make, find and keep the peace - at least, for themselves.