Suburban Luchador

Author: Philip Rivera

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(This is a short preview of the full, epic work Suburban Luchador: Memoirs From Suburbia)His minivan is his chariot. His mower is his weapon.Enter the whimsical world of the Suburban Luchador, suburbia's favorite underdog, father, husband... hero. He's the man who's making minivans, mowing, and mortgages sexy again.In Suburban Luchador: Tales from the Burb Side, author Philip Rivera turns his ordinary family, marriage, and teaching scenarios into offbeat and humorous slice-of-life adventures.For every mild-mannered, undiscovered underdog who thought they were the only ones who envision daily life as a music video or an epic movie scene, this is a heart-warming and humorous look at the wondrous, valiant and touching moments in our everyday lives.  After you've enjoyed this delicious sample of clean, suburban humor, check out the full, domestically epic, banquet - Suburban Luchador: Memoirs From Suburbia.

Goodness, Grace and Me

Author: Julie Houston

Category: Parenting & Family

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When Harriet's husband quits his job she doesn't think life could get any worse... until an old enemy reappears! Harriet's old nemesis, Amanda, is back. And she's here to stay. As the wife of her husband's boss, Amanda will be accompanying Nick on his business trips. And Harriet can't help but think, how will Nick not succumb to her ruthless charms once he's in glamorous Milan? Knowing Nick is at risk of being seduced is bad enough, but when Harriet's best friend Grace falls madly in love with Sebastian, Amanda's much younger son, it can only mean trouble ahead. Determined to fight for her man, Harriet's seduction techniques go into overdrive. Unfortunately she is hampered in her attempts by two bolshy teenagers, an increasingly eccentric mother and a job teaching cantankerous children. Can Harriet save her marriage, as well as her friendship with Grace? And what will happen if Nick's new venture fails, especially now that the one thing Harriet has not even considered in all this mess appears to be staring her right in the face...? Julie Houston's novels are heart-warming, full of joy and completely addictive. Perfect for all fans of Milly Johnson, Sophie Kinsella, Katie Fforde and Jill Mansell.

131 Conversations That Engage Kids

Author: Jed Jurchenko

Category: Parenting & Family

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Inspire your kids to pause their electronics, grow their social skills, and develop lifelong friendship! These conversation starters for kids will guide you on the journey! This book is packed with kids activities and kids questions the entire family will love.Social Skills for KidsKids social skills are becoming increasingly rare in our fast paced, high tech society. These engaging questions build social skills for kids by encouraging face to face conversations. In addition, parents will learn new parenting ideas, including:Why conversations matter, and why connecting with your kids is essential. Three strategies to engage kids and keep the conversation going. Five strategies to further develop your kids social skills. How to use these questions for kids to encourage positive changes in their lives. Kids QuestionsNext, dive into 131 creative, engaging, and fun conversations starters for kids. These kids questions will keep your family talking and engaged. This book is for children and tweens who desire to build face-to-face connections that develop into life-long friendships. It is also for parents, foster parents, teachers, coaches, youth pastors, mentors, and everyone who wants to help their children to connect in an increasingly disconnected world!Conversation Starters For Kids Include:If the zoo offered to let you keep one exotic animal as a pet, which animal would you take home with you? If you were principal of your school for a day, what is one school rule that you would change?No two snowflakes are exactly alike. No two people are the same either. What is something that makes you unique? Use these conversation starters for kids to:Stir-up fascinating dinner conversations! Keep your kids entertained on rainy days.Speak your children's love language!Engage on road-trips!These kids questions are great for camping and summer bonfires!These questions for kids are part of a conversation starters books series that includes:131 Creative Conversations for Couples131 More Creative Conversations for Couples131 Necessary Conversations before Marriage131 Creative Conversations for Families131 Connecting Conversations for Parents and Teens131 Conversations for Stepfamily SuccessConversations Starters for TweensThese conversation starters are perfect for kids and tweens alike. If your middleschooler is disengaged, then this book is for you. Use these conversation starters for tweens to stir up fun, funny, and engaging conversations. Then, watch your communication and connection grow!Parenting Ideas That WorkSo what are you waiting for? Don't just hope your kids engage. Take a proactive approach with this book of kids activities and kids questions. This creative parenting book will have you speaking your children's love language and engaging with your kids on a deeper level than ever before!If you enjoyed, The Five Love Languages of Children, then you will love engaging your kids and speaking their love language as you dive into, 131 Conversations That Engage Kids!

Precious Little Sleep

Author: Alexis Dubief

Category: Parenting & Family

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Parenting a baby or toddler is the grandest adventure of all when you’re not miserably exhausted. Sleep expert Alexis Dubief, of the wildly popular website Precious Little Sleep, imparts effective, accessible, and flexible strategies based on years of research that will dramatically improve your child’s sleep.This book will help you tackle the thorniest sleep snags, including:•Navigating the tricky newborn phase like a pro•Getting your child to truly sleep through the night•Weaning off the all night buffet•Mastering the precarious tango that is healthy napping•Solving toddler and preschooler sleep strugglesIf you’re looking for practical solutions to improve your child’s sleep in a book that won’t put you to sleep, this is for you.


Author: Emma Bombeck

Category: Parenting & Family

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#1 New York Times bestseller:A hilarious look at one of the toughest jobs on earth, by a writer “with the comic equivalent of perfect pitch” (The Boston Globe).   Anyone who thinks motherhood is easy has never had children. To care for children, a husband, and oneself is a superhuman task, and any woman who appears to be expert at doing all three simultaneously is not Supermom—she’s a good actress. For three decades, Erma Bombeck chronicled motherhood’s daily frustrations and victories. In this classic anthology, she presents all sorts of mothers, and even a stay-at-home dad, on good days and bad. With hilarious anecdotes and deep compassion, she shows that there is no other profession that demands so much, and rewards so highly. This ebook features an illustrated biography of Erma Bombeck including rare images and never-before-seen documents from the author’s estate.

The Council of Dads

Author: Bruce Feiler

Category: Parenting & Family

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The Council of Dads is a profoundly moving and illuminating new work from Bruce Feiler, author of the monumental New York Times bestsellers Walking the Bible, Abraham, and Where God Was Born. The acclaimed writer’s most intimate book, The Council of Dads is Feiler’s personal story of illness and recovery, a book that touches on life and death, love and fatherhood, and offers inspiration for us all.