Don’t Panic

Author: Neil Gaiman

Category: Humor

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The #1 New York Times–bestselling author’s “hilarious . . . idiosyncratic . . . delightful” and definitive companion to a global phenomenon (Publishers Weekly).

Douglas Adams’s “six-part trilogy,” The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy grew from a blip of a notion into an ever-expanding multimedia universe that amassed an unprecedented cult of followers and became an international sensation. As a young journalist, Neil Gaiman was given complete access to Adams’s life, times, gossip, unpublished outtakes, and files (and became privy to his writing process, insecurities, disillusionments, challenges, and triumphs). The resulting volume illuminates the unique, funny, dramatic, and improbable chronicle of an idea, an incredibly tall man, and a mind-boggling success story.

In Don’t Panic, Gaiman celebrates everything Hitchhiker: the original radio play, the books, comics, video and computer games, films, television series, record albums, stage musicals, one-man shows, the Great One himself, and towels. And as Douglas Adams himself attested: “It’s all absolutely devastatingly true—except the bits that are lies.”

Updated several times in the thirty years since its original publication, Don’t Panic is available for the first time in digital form. Part biography, part tell-all parody, part pop-culture history, part guide to a guide, Don’t Panic “deserves as much cult success as the Hitchhiker’s books themselves” (Time Out).

The Best of the Rejection Collection

The Best of the Rejection Collection by Matthew Diffee

Author: Matthew Diffee

Category: Humor

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Rescued from the New Yorker’s rejection pile, the cartoons collected here offer an inside look at the jokes its editors would rather keep to themselves.

Too edgy, raunchy, or outrageous for one of the world’s most esteemed magazines, The Best of the Rejection Collection brings together some of the funniest and most original work by the New Yorker’s brightest talents—Roz Chast, Gahan Wilson, Sam Gross, Jack Ziegler, David Sipress, and more. Here you’ll discover their other sides: dark, juvenile, naughty, sick, or just plain weird.

And what a treat. Ventriloquist dummy cartoons. Operating room cartoons. Bring your daughter to work day cartoons (the stripper; the death row prison guard). Lots of couples in bed, quite a few coffins, wise-cracking animals—and zero restraint.

“The submissions were not set aside because they were not funny but (for the most part) because they were too funny.” —The New York Times, on The Best of the Rejection Collection Read more

Cake Wrecks

Cake Wrecks by Jen Yates

Author: Jen Yates

Category: Humor

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New York Times Bestseller: Stories and photos of confectionary calamities that “will have you laughing so hard you’ll forget to eat” (The Washington Post).

Have your cake and laugh at it, too, with the sweet treat known as Cake Wrecks: When Professional Cakes Go Hilariously Wrong. From the creator of the award-winning blog, here are the worst cakes ever, including the ugly, the silly, the downright creepy, the unintentionally sad or suggestive, and the just plain funny. With witty commentary and behind-the-scenes tidbits, Cake Wrecks will ensure that you never look at a cake the same way again.

Jen Yates’ CakeWrecks site was a winner of a Blogger’s Choice Award for Best Humor Blog, among other honors, and for this inspired and sidesplitting collection, she gathered extensive never-before-seen material to create “a hilarious winner” (The Oregonian).

“I haven’t laughed so hard in ages.” —Mary Alice, from the Food Network’s Ace of Cakes

“Think of them as epic fails, with frosting.” —TheNew York Times Read more

Blame It on the Fame

Author: Tracie Banister

Category: Humor

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A power-trippin’ bitch, a has-been, a skanky ex-model, a press-shy indie queen, and a British stage actress no one knows – that’s how the Best Actress hopefuls in this year’s too-close-to-call Oscar race cattily describe each other. Which of them will win the much-coveted gold statue and what price will they be forced to pay as they travel the red carpeted-path to Hollywood glory?

Amidst all the press-schmoozing and angsting over which designer gown to wear, these Oscar contenders feud, commiserate, and face a succession of personal crises – scandalous secrets come to light, marriages implode, accidents land two nominees in the hospital while another receives news that could derail her career, all culminating on Tinsel Town’s biggest night when anything can happen, and does.

BLAME IT ON THE FAME is the debut novel of author Tracie Banister whose writing is similar in tone (sexy, humorous) to the works of Lauren Weisberger and Candace Bushnell. This is a full-length novel that runs approximately 136,000 words.

Driving Like Crazy

Driving Like Crazy by P. J. O’Rourke

Author: P. J. O’Rourke

Category: Humor

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The #1 New York Times–bestselling humorist’s tribute to car travel is “a ride worth taking, even for readers who don’t know an oil pan from a frying pan” (The Washington Times).
From a veteran of both Car and Driver and National Lampoon magazines, this hilarious book chronicles the golden age of the automobile in America—and takes us on a whirlwind tour of the world’s most scenic and bumpiest roads in trouble-laden cross-country treks, from a 1978 Florida-to-California escapade in a 1956 special four-door Buick sedan, to a thousand-mile effort across Mexico in the Baja 1000 in 1983, to a journey through Kyrgyzstan in 2006 on the back of a Soviet army surplus six-wheel-drive truck.
For longtime fans of the celebrated humorist, the collection features a host of O’Rourke’s classic pieces on driving, including “How to Drive Fast on Drugs While Getting Your Wing-Wang Squeezed and Not Spill Your Drink,” about the potential misdeeds one might perform in the front (and back) seat of an automobile; “The Rolling Organ Donors Motorcycle Club,” which chronicles a seven-hundred-mile weekend trip through Michigan and Indiana that O’Rourke took on a Harley-Davidson; his brilliant and funny piece from Rolling Stone on NASCAR and its peculiar culture recorded during an alcohol-fueled weekend in Charlotte, North Carolina, in 1977; and an hilarious account of a ride from Islamabad to Calcutta in Land Rover’s new Discovery Trek.
“Never in neutral, O’Rourke offers laughter on wheels.” —Publishers Weekly
“An insightful look not just at the American love affair with cars, but also at one man’s changing outlook on life, all of it fast-paced and over the top . . . Even readers who know nothing about cars and motorcycles will appreciate the joy and hilarity of this book.” —Booklist Read more


Raven by Monica Porter

Author: Monica Porter

Category: Humor

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Monica Porter, a sixty-year-old grandmother, thinks her sex life is over when she is ditched by her long-term partner.

That is until she joins a dating website and finds that her age acts as an aphrodisiac to hordes of highly-sexed young men, who fantasise about ‘hot older women’.

Monica throws caution to the wind as she embarks on one exciting assignation after another, having the wildest time of her life. Naturally, her sons would be shocked at the risks she takes, not to mention mortified by her escapades with men younger than themselves. But it’s not a problem, as she has no intention of telling them.

But Monica soon finds out that there is another hazard to consider… not to her physical being, but to her psyche. Gradually her year of dating dangerously affects her entire outlook on relationships with men, and not in a good way. How will it all end? And will it have been worth the price?

Praise for Raven: My Year of Dating Dangerously:
'Shocking, refreshing and admirable' - Daily Mail

'Admirably frank and unapologetic’ - Mail on Sunday

'Thrills, dangers, controversy… zeitgeist-shifting’ - Forbes

Born in Budapest and raised in New York, Monica Porter has been a London-based journalist since the seventies. Her writing has appeared in most of the quality Fleet Street newspapers and countless magazines, and she has a long-standing association with the Daily Mail. Raven: My year of dating dangerously is her fifth book.
Read more