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MORE THAN 1 MILLION COPIES SOLD WORLDWIDE!Student by day. Exotic dancer by night. The temptress is about to be tempted...Meet Cameron... By day, she’s a full-time student at Cleveland State University, destined for success and fortune. But when the sun goes down, the sexy young hustler must use her book and streets smarts to make ends meet — even if it means twirling around a pole every night in the city’s most infamous gentleman’s club....Although dancing might not be Cameron's dream career, she's more than willing to deal with the drama and chaos that comes with the territory. But juggling work, school, and her overly controlling boyfriend, Silk soon becomes a 24/7 job. Ten years her senior, Silk is a legend in the world of adult entertainment. Yet that fame also comes with its share of temptation, infidelity, and unwanted attention.But Cameron soon finds herself tempted as well, when the darkly delicious Jude Patterson enters the picture...With over 370 five-star reviews, "Cameron" will take you on an emotional roller coaster ride, filled with drama, betrayal, and heart-stopping action. If you're a fan of "The Coldest Winter Ever" and the "Thug" series by Wahida Clark, you'll undoubtedly love this timeless classic!Cameron (Book 1)Cameron 2 (Book 2)Cameron 3 (Book 3)Cameron 4 (Book 4)Cameron 5 (Book 5)Uncovered Secrets (Book 6)Uncovered Secrets 2 (Book 7)Cameron 6 (Book 8)Wife of a Misfit (Book 9)Wife of a Misfit 2 (Book 10)Wife of a Misfit 3 (Book 11)Soul and Diana (Book 12)Soul and Diana 2 (Book 13)Soul and Diana 3 (Book 14)Soul and Diana 4 (Book 15)Cameron 7 (Book 16)Cameron 8 (Book 17)My Thug in Rusted Armor (Book 18)THIS IS A COMPLETED SERIES