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TOP 100 KINDLE BESTSELLER LIST (2014) When Tuesday Storm is eight years old she does something bad. Something so horrible her mother can't even bring herself to say what it is. Tuesday's punishment is to be isolated from her father and siblings and to stand with her face to a wall. Food is withheld, as well as sleep. She's forced to wear a mask so the rest of the family won't have to see her ugly face, and most painful of all, her mother stops calling her Tuesday. Instead she's known as "Horse Face" or "Weasel". Day after day, punishment for the mysterious "bad thing" continues until Tuesday's childhood is an endless nightmare of slavery, beatings and sadistic "games". Starving and alone, she finds herself locked in a dark attic with nothing but a bare bed and a bucket for a toilet. If she wants to survive and reclaim her identity, she has no choice but to fight back. Based on a true story, Call Me Tuesday recounts, with raw emotion, a young girl's physical and mental torture at the mercy of the monster in her mother's clothes--a monster she doesn't know how to stop loving. Tuesday's tragic, yet inspirational journey through the hidden horrors of child abuse will open your eyes to what could be going on behind your neighbor's door, while her unwavering hope and fighting spirit will tug at your heartstrings.

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