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Your New and Exciting Life Begins NowOne afternoon, a group of friends discovered an island listed for sale online. The price was shockingly cheap - and it was nearby. There and then they went in on the purchase, and within a short week a lifelong dream was fulfilled. To them, island was the ultimate symbol of independence and freedom: they planned to create their own country and see what they could build.To "buy your own island" is a metaphor and a challenge to take action and take one step forward today on the path to getting the things you really want in life.The passions that REALLY excite you, that you've perhaps kept hidden or put away on the shelf. Whatever it is you dream about doing, having, or being, this book was created with the simple intent to help you make it reality. Want to travel the world like Tim Ferriss or Nomadic Matt?I’ve been solo traveling for the last seven years, adventuring around the globe, and in this book I’ll show you how.I started out as an overworked and frustrated entrepreneur who was trapped in my own business. Finally I decided enough was enough, and took dramatic actions to reverse course. I gathered my closest friends and confidantes and we challenged each other to dig deep, re-discover our hidden passions, and architect what we needed to do to reinvent our lives. Whatever your biggest lifelong dream is, whether its to purchase your own island, travel the world for a year, or set up a profitable business from home, it can be practical and achievable with the right mindset, tools and plan.This is not another fluff book selling a dream but a true labor of love with hundreds of actionable techniques and insights. You will learn:• How to create and realize un-realistic goals• How to engineer your life and business for high leverage and peak performance• Escape velocity and habit gravity: why they matter• A crash course on “lifestyle design” and the “digital nomad” life• How to travel the world for free and low-cost using sharing economy platforms and travel hacks• The exact strategies, methods, and tools I used to create a successful lifestyle business that I worked on just 10 hour per week?• How to create a high-level mastermind group of other top performers - and how it has helped me?• Platforms to work or volunteer abroad• The rules and habits of highly-effective “lifestyle entrepreneurs,” and how to always work smarter, not harder?• How I create systems, outsource, and scale companies from $4,000 a month to $40,000 a month?• Marketing and PR methods applicable to any business, how to close high value clients, and more.?• Plus eight different case studies of lifestyle designers I’ve met around their globe with eight separate online businesses - from freelancing to supplements to garden gnomesThis book is based on conversations, interviews, research, and decades of combined experience from people doing the most extraordinary things around the globe. These people are no smarter than you are. They have no particular advantages, no special talents, connections, or resources. They simply made a decision one day to do what they wanted, and followed a plan to make it happen.Now, it's your time to join us. Are you ready to make a huge, daring dramatic leap towards a dream that will change it all?tags: solo travel, inspiration, how to travel for free, travel hacks, nomadic matt, tim ferriss, lifestyle business, digital nomad