Author: Roxy Sinclaire

Category: Erotic Romance

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It was just supposed to be an interview. Getting the inside scoop on the country's hottest billionaire.He invited me to his estate and I fell for him, hard.And then I met his brother.He's dark, dangerous and oh so bad. Nothing like the billionaire.But one night changed everything and I found myself in over my head.How did I end up tangled in this dark obsession?Praise for Roxy Sinclaire's Buried Obsession"Very original with awesome, broody, deceiving and strong characters!" - Lisa, Amazon Reviewer ?????"This had me captivated and I couldn't put it down" - Amazon Reviewer ?????"Definitely a must read" - Amazon Reviewer ?????"I expected the typical romance story, but what I got was an outstanding read of suspense, drama, angst, jealousy, revenge, fear, guilt, twists you don't see coming and will have you on the edge of your seat" - Amazon Reviewer ?????"One of the best books I've read this year!" - Amazon Reviewer ?????"The chemistry between them is blazing hot" - Amazon Reviewer ?????"Hang on for a pulse pounding thrill ride!" - Lisa, Amazon Reviewer ?????"I was on the edge of my chair with my head almost glued to the screen of my iPad, this is intense" - Ann, Amazon Reviewer ?????"Excellent start to a new series" - Amazon Reviewer ?????"I was reading well into the wee small hours and even when I'd finished it I couldn't sleep, my thoughts were in turmoil back within the pages of this wonderful book." - Amazon Reviewer ?????"A very dark, interesting, mesmerizing story" - Amazon Reviewer ?????"The dark twists that come next kept me riveted to my seat, biting my nails right to the end!" - Amazon Reviewer ?????"Very strong characters that are brooding and very deceptive" - Amazon Reviewer ?????"This is the best book ever! This book kept me up all night reading and had me on the edge of my seat as I turned the pages wondering what would happen next" - Lisa, Amazon Reviewer ?????"Seriously, you’ve got a masterful storyline; interesting characters; outrageous twists and turns; and an HEA that gets farther away as you read" - Amazon Reviewer ?????"Bathroom breaks are optional" - Amazon Reviewer ?????"Twists and turns that kept me on my toes as well" - Sharon, Amazon Reviewer ?????